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* OPEN FOR DINE IN, TAKE OUT, MEAL KITS, MARKETPLACE * We strive to bring traditional Korean dishes to a vibrant dining experience by starting with quality ingredients like well-marbled short ribs and tender pork belly. Then we bring a young, energetic team trained to be service-oriented and masters of the grill. Paired with a visually appealing industrial interior we strive to create the best overall dining experience. Make sure to call ahead & get your name on the waitlist at least the day before. We recommend at least two days before for Friday-Sunday.

Chefs grill classic Korean dishes tableside at this slick hangout with an industrial vibe.

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(Labor Day)
11 AM–11 PM
Holiday hours
Tuesday12–11 PM
Wednesday12–11 PM
Thursday12–11 PM
Friday11 AM–12 AM
Saturday11 AM–12 AM
Sunday11 AM–11 PM

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Address: 4220-A, Annandale Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

Phone: (703) 942-6995



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Reservations: exploretock.com


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Online reservations now available. Please make your reservations early to secure your table. OPEN Labor Day 11AM-11PM. Skip to Content.

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Labor DAY: Monday, September 4th. OPEN: 11AM-11PM. 4220 Annandale Rd Annandale VA 22003 • 703.942.6995 • [email protected]. Made with Squarespace.

Dine In Menu – Kogiya

DSCF7750.jpg. CLASSICS. the traditional dishes to pair with korean barbecue … beers soju korean wine sake non-alcoholic. beers. $7. MILLER LITE.


Shalom Jireh
Typical Korean BBQ place just like you are in Korea. I liked their seasoned galbi the best. Steamed egg pot(gae ran chim) and soy beans soup were free too. Many banchan (side dish) provided.
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Mary lynne
Fantastic experience at this place. They were very well organized and knew exactly how to handle the crowd that was there. You had the option to cook your food or have them help you. We chose to cook our own because we like it a little more well done. The portions were enormous and the selections were great. Don’t skip the veggies! They are excellent. I’m so glad this was my first experience I will be holding everyone to this standard
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George F
Reasonable priced. service was good even though the restaurant was c Mozart rowded n busy. Parking was somewhat difficult but they do have a parking lot. It got filled quickly though . The exhaust vent is old fashion.. mounted high up, not as effective as the newer stores.
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Had the Option B “All you can eat” for the family, plenty of good quality meat to try from. Did not like the short rib patty very much but the Brisket, fatty beef and miso pork belly were all very delicious. Dipping sauce was very good too. Highly recommend this place.
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Emma Lee
The food was good, some of them have no taste at all. For “All you can eat”, the servings are huge so theres a lot wasted, and it comes with soup, steamed egg and rice, not recommended for people who can’t eat much. The Spicy Pork Belly was the best out of the ones we ate. The service is wonderful and the person serving us had a good attitude. There was a very strong smell which was unpleasant. Overall it would be a better experience for us if we knew “all you can eat” had huge servings and we ordered individually.
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Bill McGinley
I had a great experience of dining in and eating delicious kalbi on Thursday night. Then returning for a take out on Sunday.
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Kimberley Jordan-Adams
Our first time at this location, our server Van was phenomenal. She was fast and very attentive to all tables around us. The only issue we ran into is one of the dipping sauces had peanuts, but a very slight issue as soon as I asked she immediately started to remove any possible items that would have came into contact, including new silverware, plates and new tray with dipping sauces and brought a hot tea to help soothe my throat. I highly recommend this restaurant, but again our server Van made it an unforgettable experience and we most certainly will come back.
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Marisa Cormier
One of the best Korean BBQ places I have ever been! We arrived close to noon on a Saturday and they had no problem accommodating us immediately. The table was set up with assorted banchan and sauces, all of which were delicious. My companion and I did the AYCE option A. The portions were very large, and we only ended up trying 3 of the options. Next time, I will ask for smaller portions so we can try more options. The meat was really good quality, and the marinades were delicious. The service was attentive and pleasant. I am looking forward to returning!
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id recommend the non marinated meat cause we ordered three of them and they all tasted so good! the side dishes were so good too, we are Korean food experts ( we used to live in korea for a short while) and this hands down the best in Virginia!!
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Such an all around incredible experience. The staff was very nice in accomodating a group of 7 after we card ahead. We got the all you can eat option A and our absolute favorite meat was the soy garlic pork. Everything was very tasty and the entire dining experience was great. Can’t recommend highly enough!
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