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Long-running chain serving signature breakfast items & a variety of coffee drinks.

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Friday4 AM–8 PM
Saturday5 AM–8 PM
Sunday5 AM–8 PM
(Labor Day)
4 AM–8 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday4 AM–8 PM
Wednesday4 AM–8 PM
Thursday4 AM–8 PM

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Address: 8002 N Cortaro Rd, Marana, AZ 85743

Phone: (520) 308-4385



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Susan Stevens
I recently visited Dunkin Donuts and unfortunately had a negative experience. Firstly, the coffee was filled too high in the cup, and when I opened the lid to pour in creamer, it spilled all over the table. I had to use many napkins to clean up the mess, which was frustrating. They gave me second empty cup pour overflow coffee in that . Additionally, the bagel I ordered was burned and table near drive through sofa chair table was wabbling badly which was not a pleasant experience.
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Lori Gregoire
I love Dunkin and go out of my way to get it, driving right past Starbucks and Dutch Bros. Today was now the 3rd time there were issues with my order. My heart can’t handle caffeine, but I love coffee, so I always order decaf. The first time I just took the coffee and drank it in good faith. I realized it wasn’t decaf in about 20 minutes when my heart was racing so fast I almost ended up in the hospital. The second time, the clerk never bothered to key in decaf on the order, but luckily, I asked if it was decaf when they handed it to me. It wasn’t, so I had to wait for them to remake my order. Today was the worst. The order was keyed in correctly, but there was no decaf brewed, so they figured they could just substitute regular rather than make me wait. When I asked her if it was decaf, she said no (even though the label said decaf), and I had to wait while a new pot was brewed. The original order was 5 creams, but she only put in 3, so I had to wait for her to add 2 more. She handed me back a wet cup where she poured the coffee out to make room for more cream. Sorry Dunkin on Cortaro, 3 strikes and you’re out. I will go to a different location.
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eric stidham
Needs better management. My breakfast sandwich was luke warm. The donuts we ok. The place is dirty and needs an overhaul. Was my first time there and most likely won’t be going back, nor do 9 recommend it. The sandwich was good but definitely would have been better if was hotter.
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Michelle Sutton
The food is never hot. Bagels are hard as a rock, even when they’re not toasted. I think they premade the hashbrowns because half the time they’re cold and/or dry and warm.
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Chrissie M
This DD needs much better management. There is always a problem with their blender! How is it that there is a broken blender for days? I will never return to this specific DD. I don’t want to go to an establishment where I will always be unsure if something that is on the menu is not an option. This has been going on a while here. (On an off with the blender issue for the past year) Blender one day, and no blender the next day. Get it together! Very disappointing and many agree.
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Danita King
Order snacking bacon & hash browns. Half the bacon was burnt black, and the hash browns were day old nuked rubber. Hands down, this is the absolute worst Dunkin’ I have ever gone to. I don’t recommend this one, unless you want to be sick for the rest of your day.
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Mrs Lynn
Worst donuts every single time I visit this location. Donuts aren’t fresh and always taste a day old. Poor customer service as well. Don’t waste your money or time at this location.
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Mele Mar
They always make my iced coffee perfect, this location is one of the best dunkin donuts I’ve been to, I’ve never had any issues here
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Russell Cihal
Given the wrong food, showed the receipt to the counter and received attitude. Once the ‘right’ food was made the bread was stale and simply slathered in butter on one side. The music was at a volume that made understanding the person 3ft from me very difficult.
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AZ Mustang Performance
We have been coming to this location daily for years. Customer service has been great for us and quick. Anytime we’ve ever had an issue with a drink or maybe something simply not tasting right they’re always very quick to fix it. The staff is always working hard and as quickly as possible. Patience is always a virtue! Thank you to Mary, Katie and Rayna for doing what you do daily. We appreciate you!
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