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Fast-food chain featuring a variety of hot dogs, plus chili burgers & sandwiches.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeout ✔️ Delivery Wienerschnitzel 95112


Friday9 AM–12 AM
Saturday9 AM–12 AM
Sunday9 AM–11 PM
(Labor Day)
9 AM–11 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday9 AM–11 PM
Wednesday9 AM–11 PM
Thursday9 AM–11 PM

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Address: 702 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112

Phone: (408) 998-9837



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Carlos Lames
I rarely eat here but I like them once in a while. They always have a new tasty hot dog. a recipe I would have come up with myself. Prices are reasonable. To be honest I could only go there once in a great moon these days. Maybe because I’m getting older and try to watch what I eat.
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Anthony Rodriguez
I had went just before closing. Dude at the window was in the best mood. Was super positive and made ordering easy. The food was really good compared to other weinerscnitzels. And the drive thru is really cool too. 10/10
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Angel Rios
Service was great, fast and food was good and hot.
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Mazen Rabbad
As far as the day shift employees they’re great but whoever closes the drive-thru around 11:00 p.m. I think it’s a older Hispanic lady that lady is very rude and what I’ve noticed is if you come anywhere then around the closing time if you come anywhere after 10:00 the last hour half the items on the menu are not available cuz she’s already cleaned up and close them it doesn’t want to be bothered like ice cream any Frozen Goods it’s in the world and it’s always a valid excuse why the machine is not working I’m pretty sure it’s because they cleaned up already I don’t want to be bothered and if you ordered like a milkshake or something like that definitely it’s not available anywhere between 9:00 and 11:00 and her way of delivering that to you or telling you that it’s the rudest way possible because it’s impossible for something to be broken or not working every single time
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They did my order quick despite the person in front of me ordering almost the entire menu . The outside tables and music were nice. There was a bunch of pigeons just hanging out there without fear, pretty neat distraction for me but I can see how it could turn a bunch of people off.
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Iyanna Alexander
Loved the hot dogs there. The cheese fries are awesome too. So much for my diet lol. I wish the hot dogs were fuller tho cuz the bun swallowed it and to me, the ratios were off. It was so stuffed with toppings so maybe that compensates. Good eats tho
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Al Rios
Love this place staff has had a turn over but they still do a great job only problem was switching pepsi to coke boo.
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Kevin Brown
Wienerschnitzel’s is always 5 stars for me. Every so often, gotta have a good dog or two or three. Today, had a chili cheese dog, a Chicago dog, and a Junkyard dog, with some fries. I was in heaven!
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Robin Knauerhase
Always a treat for this Oregonian (Portland doesn’t like chains). Luau fries were nice, but not as good as standard chili & cheese.
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Jorge Alvarez
These people charge over 4 dollars for a hotdog but think I’m trying to cheat them over a 30 cent add on that they charged me for. If you order an add on here and they charge you, make sure you get it. Otherwise they’ll think you’re lying about a 30 cent add on.
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