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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Wendy's 46319


Friday6:30 AM–1 AM
Saturday6:30 AM–1 AM
Sunday6:30 AM–12 AM
(Columbus Day)
6:30 AM–12 AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday6:30 AM–12 AM
Wednesday6:30 AM–12 AM
Thursday6:30 AM–12 AM

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Address: 101 E Ridge Rd, Griffith, IN 46319

Phone: (219) 237-3798



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Sam Boss
Never going back here. This is the third time that they say they have run out of sizes so I have to pay for the more expensive one. I order a snack they charge me for a medium without telling me until after they swipe my card. When I call them out on it they give me attitude and then still give me the wrong food so when I go in they said oh the order was typed in wrong so they gave me what I actually ordered, instead they actually gave me a cheaper thing on the menu while still charging me for more expensive items. They tried to steal from me twice and when I called them out I get cussed out by the manager. Go to any other Wendy’s in the area.
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Dominic Cimesa
Food was good, service was fast, used the drive thru. 30 min or so after leaving, my card was tried 3 times at online women’s clothing stores. A young lady was working the drive thru register. Had to cancel my CC. Was it cloned? Sorry but I can’t take the chance so I wont be back for my own financial safety.
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Miss Malibu Nikki
Went into the restaurant to use their bathroom decided to stay in there and order. VERY SLOW! So slow my food wasn’t hot when after sitting down I had to finally go up abd ask if my food was ready. The girl behind the French fry grill wasn’t wearing gloves and the frie boxes were being touched and her fingers were a bit inside. Their beverage machine wasn’t working right. I had to go get my raz tea from the staff. I saw people going in confused how to use it as well. I actually helped them. Everyone was waiting a long time for food and it wasn’t that busy. I don’t think I’ll ever go in there again. Sad thing is Wendy’s is extremely reasonable on their $4 for 5 combo where other places are at $10 for a combo.
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Alex Almaraz
Lately, this place has been slow. I’ve worked fast food before, and we would get chewed out for times. Yes, fast food workers are timed. However, this Wendy’s seems negligent. You get to the speaker, and you can’t even order yet. There will be maybe one car in front of you at the window. They tell you to wait. They finish taking care of that ONE care. It’s a 10 to 20 minute wait before you can even order at the speaker. Do yourself a favor, just cook at home. It’s quicker and cheaper.
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Laura Torres
I live around here for more than 20 years so wendys is been my get away but for so long I been having bad experience every time, but lately I’m very happy that miss RENE AND RUTHIE are part of the tim because they are exelente, always with a big smile and they care about their customers,im so happy that I can go make my order and comeback with a great experience..thank you ladies keep up the great job.
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Marbalina “Marbalina3000” Claborn
The new Nacho Cheese burger was so Good! Oh my God I want another!!! The way it was mad Jesus Christ there are so many flavors. I high Recommend 10/10
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Earnestine Jones
I’ve been going her because the one in Hammond is horrible. Usually I get really good service, but today they served me old, cold, hard and crusty food. I called about 10 times before they answered, so of course I was already trying to figure something else out for dinner. When they finally answered and I told them what the problem was, they asked if I wanted to bring it back. No.. no I don’t want to bring it back because now I’m all the way inconvenienced. I made sure to wake the cashier if the nuggets were regular nuggets and not spicy. She told me that I didn’t order spicy, so they shouldn’t be. Guess what, they were!! And they were for my 8 year old daughter who doesn’t eat anything spicy at all. So needless to say, I’m not very happy at all.
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Horrible experience! We just tried to order breakfast and went through the drive thru. The first thing the lady said was “If you have a big order, I can’t help you. Im only making one sandwich.” I was at a loss for words. My husband and I wanted two meals. When he told the lady that, her exact words were “I told you I’m only making one sandwich.” We left that instant. We also noticed that she sent every car that was in front of us away. She was extremely rude and had a huge attitude. I don’t know what her problem was but what I do know is that someone like that should not be working in the customer service industry. If you are miserable and don’t like working with customers, then maybe you should be in a factory instead where you don’t have to interact with anybody. We will never be coming to this location again and will try our hardest to send other people away from there too. This is not the first time we’ve had a bad experience here but it was the worst and is definitely our last.
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Level of professionalism is asinine, no real management. Went through the drive through and workers are rude, impatient, misinformed and on top of all that the food was FAR from fresh. There was no change (so they said) so you were just out your change due. No straws to enjoy your drink. No napkins. I would avoid this location and go somewhere else.
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OMG!!! Where should I begin. I went to this Wendy’s tonight when I have got out of school. The service here is terrible. The young lady that worked first window on drive through tonight on 7/17/2023 at 10:15 pm, is very unprofessional. Really if you have someone work drive thru make sure they know how to speak clearly and enunciate words. So I place my order after being confused on what she was saying. She says pull around to first window. I goes to the first window clearly no one is standing at the first window. I decided to pull to the second window. The woman handed me my drinks. The young girl yells out the drive thru window and said “excuse me you didn’t pay”. I told her of course I didn’t you wasn’t at the window. So I stated can this woman who gave me my drinks take my card. So the the lady takes my card, rings my food, and gives me my receipt. Why is it this cook comes from the back and look and say “She Ugly”. I proceeded to tell him you ugly too. To bad the inside was not open cause they would’ve been calling Griffith police on me tonight. The customer service is horrible and this was my first and last time going to this Wendy’s. You really need to fire these two employees.
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