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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Address: 1420 Allen St, Springfield, MA 01118

Phone: (413) 273-7971

Website: https://locations.wendys.com/united-states/ma/springfield/1420-allen-st.?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=Google_My_Business&utm_campaign=Local_Search&utm_content=EN_US

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Worst customer service. Every time I go here there’s something missing from my order and the customer service is little to nonexistent. The employees are incompetent and even asking them a simple question like “Is there sauce in the bag?” All I got was a blank stare as if he was lost. On top of that there was no sauce and my strawberry frosty was missing. And I didn’t care to ask for it because apparently the worker didn’t know how to answer a simple question. Today will be my last day going to Wendy’s.
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Kane 413 Gamer
Terribly slow service even though there was no one else in the place, food was Terrible, no ketchup available, somehow there was a crinkle cut fry in my food even though they do not or never have sold crinkle cut fries.
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Sonia Mendez
Waited 16 mins for my food. I was the only one in the lobby and only saw two cars in drive thru. Manager tells me she forgot about my meal. But it was not busy! To top it off, both the sandwich and wedges cold. I asked for a refund and manager didn’t know how to issue the refund. In addition, I almost broke my back. The floor was greasy and it’s raining today. Definitely a safety hazard. No visible signs indicating the hazard either. Never again. Don’t come here. Go to McDonald’s right next door.
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Ashley Sands
Every time I come here it a long wait and my food is never right or missing. This is the Second time I got a 4pc nugget that had 3 nuggets. And when I mention it I get looked at crazy. And this is the second time I got a sandwich with bacon crumbled and not the 2 slices it should be. I will not be coming back to this location. Too much of a long wait and definitely don’t get your money worth or good customer service
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David Belanger
Food was cold, my soda was flat, our strawberry lemonade was terrible. just really unsatisfied with Wendy’s because we haven’t been to Wendy’s in a long time and definitely not missing anything.
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John Papasodora
Stopped for breakfast, they didn’t have coffee cups so they gave us our coffee in soda cups ???? But my Baconater breakfast sandwich was excellent…… perfectly cooked and delicious.
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Patricia McDonnell
Terribly slow! One guy working register doing fries and bagging food. Apparently they are only capable of handling 1 order at a time. Originally went to drive thru but waited 20 minutes without moving an inch! Figured inside would be quicker, figured wrong!
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Steve Pooler
Spicy chicken sandwich is just bad. Chicken tough as leather, quarter sized slice of tomato. Not like they used to be.
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cheryl best
The shift that is working today (around 12:30n) needs to talk less with each other except when helping those that they should be serving. Less talk and more work, then people will get their food quicker and correctly.
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A Pacholk
I was not offered my receipt; so, I couldn’t take the survey and properly report how bad our experience was. My 10 piece chicken nuggets only came with 9 pieces. I don’t eat fast food often, but the nuggets seem to have gotten smaller over time. Our fries were not hot and not even full. My husband’s baconator somehow tasted “dirty”. The top two inches of my frosty were bubbly, as if I ordered a root beer float. When two fast food meals cost over $24, I expect more. The staff was not particularly friendly, either; I told the man at the window to have a good night, and he closed the window without saying anything.
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