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Your local Mount Vernon Subway® Restaurant, located at 216 Mt Vernon Blvd E brings new bold flavors along with old favorites to satisfied guests every day. We deliver these mouth-watering flavors with our famous Footlongs, 6” sandwiches, wraps and salads. And we offer a variety of ways to order—quick and easy in the app or online, convenient delivery, come into your neighborhood shop for an in-restaurant meal, or pick up curbside. We’re proud to offer a change from same old fast food with fresh cut veggies and toppings with protein choices, fresh-baked bread and let’s not forget cookies! And we’re happy to help you with any catering needs as well.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Subway 65712


(Labor Day)
9 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday9 AM–10 PM
Wednesday9 AM–10 PM
Thursday9 AM–10 PM
Friday9 AM–10 PM
Saturday9 AM–10 PM
Sunday9 AM–10 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 216 E Mt Vernon Blvd, Mt Vernon, MO 65712

Phone: (417) 466-4424


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T.G. VennZen369
This is by far the most patriotic Subway I have ever come across! On a 650 mile trek to see an old friend of mine who I served with in the 101st Airborne Division and 1st ID, we enter the Travel America to be greeted not only by a very sweet cashier pointing us to the water bottles on sale, but then I turn the corner to see a remarkable Memorial Day display for the Fallen. They put it up for 2018 and decided not to down. Not only was the service here great but the respect for our Country and it’s veneration for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice left me moved. I got some sand in my eye. Thank you to the owner and management for not allowing those who gave their lives in defense of our collective Freedoms to be forgetten. -Let Valor Not Fail
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Mary Jo Wise
This was on August 30, 2022 to be exact!!
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Lynie Vinyard
My grandkids wanted to eat here, they adore all Subway stores. While our food was alright, the staff wasn’t welcoming or very friendly. The lettuce needed changed by observation only, I didn’t mention it. Just got our food and left.
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Steve Huddleston (Boomer Sooner)
As usual Subway is clean, organized, and staffed appropriately. Two Italian based subs were ordered both slightly different in content with what was wanted. Both done exactly as wanted. In addition one large beverage was ordered as this was a take home order. My surprise was how much two footlongs cost NOW vs a couple years ago. The beverage was a ridiculous $2.50 for a large. Close to $40 in total. The sandwich’s were very good with leftovers for next day. No complaints other than the expense.
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Brent Graaf
I ordered on mobile app. I directly stated on my order no cheese as I have a bad dairy allergy. They melted cheese all over sandwich. Was 20min out of town before eating half of it and noticing sandwich tasted different. Called store and asked for refund. No refund given. Store manager called me day later. Said sorry. Asked for my address to give me gift card. Nothing in mail in over 2 months. Heavily over priced @$15 for a meal to feed ONE person.. won’t go back and I am a regular to subway!
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Hardtobelieve It
This Subway is not to be confused with the TRUCK-STOP SUBWAY. This Subway closes at 10pm…we googled before we came in at 9pm on 4-26-22…she didn’t really want to make sandwiches by her hesitation and scowl on her face. So we left and went to the TRUCK-STOP SUBWAY down the road. This young lady was alone… worked quickly and without hesitation even if it was slightly after 9pm. Very clean. THANK YOU TRUCK-STOP SUBWAY.
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Alyssa Shepard
The new manager doesn’t know how to train staff on how to make a sandwich. They overcharged for drinks when we did not order any. This is an ongoing problem since the last manger has left. Very poor service. Sadly she managers the only two subways in town. I can go to monett and they do an amazing job, they actually know what they are doing and know the correct portion size that goes on a sandwich. They also take care and knows how to put a sandwich together, unlike mount Vernon, who’s employees don’t even care and throw stuff around.
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Savannah Williams
I bought a footlong turkey on Italian herbs and cheese. I was originally told they were out of that bread. Which was fine I was going to get white and then the girl goes and gets one from the back. When I got home it was hard as a rock! I don’t know how old it was but it is not edible.
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Austin Field
Had made my first ever most amazing sandwich ever here comment for the ingredients promise you’ll love it!!!
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This is a place I go to a lot. It has a wide variety of food and the food is very good and it’s made infront of you so you know what is in it. Although a lot of people eat here it is very small and I do not recommend dine in as a big family lunch or dinner.
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