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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Starbucks 20136


Thursday6 AM–7 PM
Friday6 AM–7 PM
Saturday6 AM–7 PM
Sunday6 AM–7 PM
Monday6 AM–7 PM
Tuesday6 AM–7 PM
Wednesday6 AM–7 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 10438 Bristow Center Dr, Bristow, VA 20136

Phone: (703) 257-1367


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Logan Peters
Incorrectly made 2 drinks after clarifying each drinks 2 times. No lines… no rush, just me ordering. Miserable.
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Cherie Oudomsouk
Staff is ok but how annoying google is to direct me to a Starbucks located within a store? This option should be at least alerted in some way or taken out. Their scanner don’t work and options are limited.
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Melissa Nation
I have yet to get a beverage of any sort that is made correctly, yes that includes iced green tea (over-brewed)! They’re always out of stock of something, and I’m totally convinced they don’t quite know how to make the drinks, it’s ALWAYS and religiously wrong. I’ve given this place opportunity after opportunity and keep trying to give them another chance, but the truth is I’m just wasting my money. It’s worth driving further to another location. I agree that the customer service is sub-par at best. There’s a Target and Safeway nearby that you’re better off going to, trust the reviews you’re reading!
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Angela Graves
Worst Starbucks anywhere. For months it was “no Venti cold drinks” because they were always out of cups. Now it’s “no iced drinks” because their ice maker is broken. And in a grocery store that sells ice. It’s always something there!
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Connie Cowthran
I go there almost everyday because it is the only Starbucks that is convenient for me to stop on my way to work. The baristas are not very nice and they NEVER have any sandwiches. This is not because of Covid 19. Whoever is in charge of ordering does a piss poor job.
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Tyson Bowman
Steamer broken. Espresso machine broken. Baked goods not stoked. Target Starbucks is much faster and stocked with everything. Wish this Starbucks was staffed and stocked better
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Cati Lignon
The staff was nice but probably just need some more training on how to make the drinks.
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Justin malone
I got there an hour after opening and I was told by some of the Harris teeter employees that they just didn’t show up.
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Scott Sundance
They have an awesome espresso machine! Oh wait it’s broke and they can’t afford a new one. Losers
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Fang Mar
the employees of this cafe never get bored, the customers line up. The only drawback is that you cannot order it online
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