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Savory Crust is more than a restaurant. To us, Savory Crust is the embodiment of what makes life worth living, and proof that crazy ideas can become reality. The idea was conceived as Jen Guidote chatted about food and work to distract her sister Geri from chemotherapy treatment. It was a labor of love, hope and courage, because that’s what it takes to ride out the storms and come out stronger together. Life is meant to be savored and we know that our team, in collaboration with our artists and customers, will continue to make Savory Crust a space full of love and possibility.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Savory Crust Gourmet Empanadas 60053


Sunday11 AM–5 PM
(Labor Day)
Holiday hours
Tuesday11 AM–8 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8 PM
Thursday11 AM–8 PM
Friday11 AM–8 PM
Saturday11 AM–8 PM

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Address: 7180 Dempster St, Morton Grove, IL 60053

Phone: (847) 423-2273



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Savory Crust Gourmet Empanadas

Our Empanadas are BAKED, never FRIED! Filipino Inspired Restaurant & Woman-owned business!

Menu — Savory Crust

Sauces do not come with Rice Bowls, Dessert Empanadas, or Take & Bake Frozen Empanadas. Each Savory Empanada is approximately 5.5 ounces.

Locations – Savory Crust

Morton Grove Location. Morton Grove, IL – 2017. Available for in-person ordering, take-out, & delivery (3rd party). ADDRESS: 7180 Dempster St., Morton Grove, IL.

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This was my first time trying this place and it did not disappoint. Whenever I go to a restaurant with salmon, I always go for it. This salmon teriyaki bowl was delicious and the fish is not dry at all like some other places. We also ordered the ube horchata and lychee agua fresca. The lychee drink is definitely a must have for the hot days coming! The employees were friendly and the environment is clean and very pretty.
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Karina C
Long and overdue review – it was Super Bowl Sunday and we catered from here
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Tried for 1st time at the Morton Arboretum. Was so good. Big and full of meat. Love the dipping sauce. Would recommend.
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Love the Mac n’ Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie the most and the Hot Cheetos Elotes are a must! I also love how “savory crust” is on each empanada as well. The dessert empanadas are also a great way to end the meal.
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Wen Orbit
Catered a lunch for our office of 20 people.
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Jinoj Mathew
Really delicious food. Chicken pot pie empanada and chicken bacon ranch empanada tasted delicious. Chicken curry empanada tasted ok but not as good the the previous two. Also tried caramel churros and they were delicious too. Empanadas are filled with thick fillings. Friendly service as well. Can’t wait to try more food from their menu. Definitely worth the price.
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Sarah Wright
New favorite spot for empanadas! Great flavor combinations and dipping sauce options. They also have bowls, churros, horchata, elotes and garlic plantains! Everything we’ve tried has been outstanding!
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M- T-
We got Filipino sausage with the egg for breakfast- the sausage was GREAT but everything else was average. We also got the Argentinian beef empanada and spinach/feta
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Arlene Sadcopen
Currently the place only does takeout due to Covid19. It’s best to call ahead. Service is nice and quick. The name speaks for their empanadas, they are sumptuous! I ordered a few items from their menu list, I liked the picadillo, Philly cheese and Argentinian beef with chimichurri sauce. The other flavors are great too. Their empanadas are gourmet! Very flavorful and excellent quality. I typically think of empanadas as appetizers but what they have are large and very filling similar to a sandwich or burger, hence the price. You’re guaranteed to be satisfied.
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Mary Muchowicz
Still really great empanadas, but Morton Grove lovation has changed a lot. We first visited there shortly after the store opened. The owner was there and serving and talking with customers. We really loved the empanadas and would often make the long drive to get some. When they opened the Carol Stream location we would stop there and sit at the picnic table to eat. We were really glad when we saw that Morton Grove planned to expand and have more dining area. Not sure what happened, but when we stopped in the Morton Grove lovation, not only were the few tables gone which has been that way for awhile, but sign are up that you cannot use the dining counter. We were told we could not touch the freezer to get frozen empanadas to take home. There are signs up all over telling you Do Not Touch and Employees Only. They have closed off the aisle and it is all cluttered with their supplies. We just did not feel welcome at all even though we had come to spend our money. We probably would have gotten more but we just did not feel welcome at all. What a sad difference from when this place first opened.
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