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Find your nearby Pizza Hut Express® at 408 State Highway 149 North in Earle, AR. You can try, but you can’t OutPizza the Hut. We’re serving up classics like Meat Lovers® and Original Stuffed Crust® as well as signature wings, pastas and desserts at many of our locations. Order online or on the mobile app for carryout, curbside or delivery.

Popular delivery, carry-out & dine-in chain known for pizza, wings & pasta, plus sides & desserts.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No dine-in ✔️ No delivery Pizza Hut Express 72331

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Address: Travel Centers Of America, 408 AR-149, Earle, AR 72331



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Robert Hutchison
I asked for a pepperoni combo, which is clearly displayed on the menu. Lauryn, who did not know how to ring it up as a combo, simply stated “we don’t have that” and proceeded to charge me individual prices for a pizza, bread sticks and drink, causing an over charge. She also overcharged for the pizza itself, and I received a small drink instead of medium. When I brought this to her attention, she again stated “We don’t do it. We don’t have a combo.” Someone owes me a partial refund.
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Orders 2 pasta bowls for $20 and got these
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I went here on my way back to Oklahoma. This place was neat at first glance. Pizza was okay… That is until the aftermath of it. 15 minutes afterwards I start feeling dizzy and get a SHARP pain in my stomach. I had just gotten the worst food poisoning ever. It had me to the point that I nearly went to the hospital had I not pulled over several times. Just don’t go here unless you want to experience some of the worst pain. of your life. Trust me. You will thank me for the warning.
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Kelly Davis
This is the worst place I’ve ever been. Their customer service is seriously challenged. The girl who took my order had all the personality of a wet overcooked noodle. I asked for extra sauce in my Alfredo and there was none. Sat there 20 min waiting on my order only to find out it was just sitting on the back couch tee. It was not hot but warm. I’ve been here before and the service was way way way better. I’m so very tired of my food being done any type of way cause I’m a truck driver. They think we’re dogs. I’m not an animal. I’m a human being who without me, u wouldn’t have all those creature comforts like food, water, beer, toilet paper, Pampers- none of that. Everything u touch or have was delivered to the purchase place by a trucker. Just treat us like humans . That’s all I’m asking.
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Sidhant Sharda
I got chicken Alfredo. there is barely any pasta in it. Not worth it.
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Scott Mungin
Wish I could give 0 stars. I went in to the TA to grab a quick bite these folks didn’t even acknowledge that I was there to even get to order any food. I would be understanding if they appeared to be slammed or understaffed. I saw no indication of either. If you would rather ignore a customer than take an order maybe try another profession.
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Madel Garcia
this was one of the worst experiences i’ve ever had at a fast food chain. the cashier (LaZundria) was an absolute horrible person not only to me but to all customers AND got my order wrong. i’m never going here again.
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This place is a s#*tshow! We’ve stopped here several times and more often than not the people working would rather stand around and socialize rather than do their jobs. Seriously, the majority of the crew need to be shown how to interact with their customers. Today, my husband ordered a personal pan pepperoni pizza & I ordered the meaty marinara pasta. When my husbands pizza comes out of the oven the cashier calls me over to tell me that they’re out of meaty marinara! I ask why he waited until my husband’s order was ready to tell me that they were out of mine. He had no answer other than a shoulder shrug. I had to settle for a chicken alfredo that had been sitting in the warmer for who knows how long. If the manager of this place doesn’t see a problem with his crew then maybe he’s the problem. Pizza Hut should be ashamed of this place.
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Kim Barnhart
I tried to get a pizza. All I had was a $10 bill. My purse with my credit cards was in my truck on the far end of the parking lot. I’m a truck driver. I like carrying cash. I was told after I made my selection they had no change. This is a travel center and the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell manager could not make change. They lost the sale, because I was not walking back in to buy a $8 pizza.
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Melanie Weber
Avoid eating here. We were given the wrong change on accident but when we came back to return the difference, they refused and wanted the full amount. They were trying to get another $20. The girls all stood around, in plain view and we’re being rude and disrespectful in complete disregard of their manager. They were standing around gossiping and talking us down. Have your employees take a comprehensive math test and professional courtesy class. Lack of customer service is a complete joke.
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