Mi Lindo Guadalajara

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Wednesday10 AM–9 PM
Thursday10 AM–9 PM
Friday10 AM–9 PM
Saturday10 AM–9 PM
Monday10 AM–9 PM
Tuesday10 AM–9 PM

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Address: 1545 W 800 N, Mapleton, UT 84664

Phone: (385) 685-5940



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Mi Lindo Guadalajara Menu and Delivery in Mapleton

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Sadee Jones
This is one of the hole in the wall restaurants people are always looking for. I tried multiple items and they were all delicious! I personally got carnitas huaraches and the pork was fall apart and super moist.
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Ryan Johnson
This place has decent selections, and they’re strong point is definitely there sauce bar where they have some pretty delicious sauces. I appreciate their rice and beans as well, because I think they were well seasoned. Other than that though the meat tended to be quite dry and the nachos instead of having queso sauce just had shredded cheese melted on top even though we asked if it had queso sauce. Overall the dishes were pretty bland, and was only enjoyable if you could handle the hot sauces, which luckily I could. Unluckily, my wife could not and as such we probably won’t be back.
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DC Cox
Mexican food is by far my fav food, so it’s saying something when I say this is the best I’ve had. A true hidden gem.
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John Woodruff
Absolutely delicious food. Super friendly service. Food is prepared fresh for you and all of it that we’ve tried is absolutely stellar. We’ve been here many times and it’s always consistently a great experience. If you want quality and delicious Mexican food, this is the place for it.
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Brad Frandsen
Hidden gem in Mapleton! This place is so nice, clean and bright. Plenty of seating for groups. I was super impressed with the flavors and spices. That Barbacoa taco was super unique and delicious. Staff was friendly and helpful choosing something from their large menu. We can’t wait to come back and try other things!
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Ty Christensen
I lived in Spanish Fork for 15 years and moved to Mapleton in Dec 2022 and hadn’t ever tried this place. I finally did in March 2023. I really like it and have been going once in a while. The food is really good, I’ve had tacos, enchiladas and burritos so far. They seem to raise their prices quite a bit, when you look at the menu on Google etc. from a few months ago and then the menu on their counter the prices are different from what’s up on their screens. I went today and the prices went up again this week and it was a few dollars more this time for the same exact thing I got 2 weeks ago. $10.31 for 4 carne asada tacos is what I paid today. $2.38 for each tiny street taco just might not be worth it now, I feel like $1.90 was good but no more than that. I don’t know if I’ll be going back again only because of the price.
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Ishmael Mavae
Amazing food. Especially the chicken tacos. And if you add what you want from the salsa bar it’s just great. Great customer service as well.
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Jason Reeder
Just ordered a carnitas burrito for the first time. The meat was so dried and tough that I literally couldn’t chew it. I had to pull every bite of meat out of my mouth. He had the audacity to say you’re welcome when I said thank you. There’s no way he would not have known that meat was no good
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Shawn Jensen
Great food and very nice staff. The portions were great for the cost as well.
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Tyler Wall
Delicious food — recommend the nachos with extra meat! Exceptionally clean!
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