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We are monitoring all local, state and federal regulations to provide customers with contactless ordering options. While some restaurants may have dining rooms open, others are serving customers through the Drive Thru, with Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald’s App, and with McDelivery®. McDonald’s remains committed to following the data and science with safety as our top priority. In response to the CDC’s guidance, crew and customers will be required to resume wearing masks inside U.S. restaurants in areas with high or substantial transmission, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are always required for customers and crew who are not vaccinated. In addition to performing deep cleaning, safety shields are also in place for protection.

Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 1117 E 3rd St, Chattanooga, TN 37403

Phone: (423) 267-1188


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My thing is, why are y’all advertising things you’re not giving. This is not the first time, but fortunately I didn’t have to pay. Free fries any size. I ordered a large and they obviously gave me a medium in a large container. At this point, I’m ready to sue McDonald’s for false advertising and fraud.
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Jane Elmore
It appears the ownership just doesn’t care. The employees are generally very pleasant and the managers seem to really be trying. But the you can wait an incredibly long time to get your order, and be ignored while you are waiting and waiting for your order. They desperately need someone to do a management study on how to operate more efficiently. And please clean the drive up windows and pull the weeds and trim the shrubs. Take some pride in your business.
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Shelton J. Brown, Jr.
From my reviews you can see I love a great McDonald’s. The true America staple. The food is normally always fresh and service exceptional.
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Zach Hall
You want a quarter pounder that’s been sitting in a warmer for hours and some room temperature fries! You found your place. Didn’t even want to eat the burger because the patty literally felt cold to the touch.
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Amanda “Sweetheart” Mcneece
This place at this location on 3rd street was horrible. To begin with at the drive thru the line was around the building. I ordered food and paid. When pulled to second window I was as to pull forward to curbside pickup space #1. Some one was already parked there when I pulled forward. So I went to number 2 spot. There I waited over an hour for my food. Eventually I went inside to gather my food. When I was making sure my order was together prior to leaving, I discovered I only had half of what I ordered. So I had to once again wait through that awfully long drive through line just to get my order corrected. Might I add I am 100% disabled.
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LaWanda Lattimore
The employees were as nice as could be under the circumstances… My problem though is the food quality. I asked for my order to be cooked to order. The associate was more than willing to accomodate. At least thats what I thought till I got home and my food was HORRIBLE. My nuggets tasted like they were sitting in a heater and refried and were dry. My burger was PINK all the way through it. Their fryer was down and the employees were complaining and asking was there a way to get that fixed. The store must had received a delivery and boxes were all out the door way on the walk way. It was not the best experience.
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Que Howard
Usually I go to the McDonalds on Hwy 153 but stopped at this one today. I used the kiosk to order. While waiting for my food there was 2 elderly women wanting to order but were getting ignored. They finally got someone to respond to them and they were told rudely “Use the Kiosk to order”. The person said it and walked off as the ladies were trying to explain that they didn’t know how to operate it. I stepped in and helped. Finally I received my order. Asked for a cup holder and the lady said yes with an attitude then took 5 minutes to get it. I then asked did this location have the Big Mac dipping sauce and said yes it’s 30 cents. I said cool I’ll pay for it. She huffed and walked off. Waited a few minutes she never returned and the older women were still waiting to pay at the register.
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Aly Yoder
I came by at 2:54 to the drive thru with a mobile order. They informed me they were only doing Uber eats and door dash orders.. okay no big deal. I asked them how I could get a refund since it already came out of my bank account.. they refused to help me and went back talking to their friends. This is extremely rude & unprofessional as I visit this location frequently. I had a long day at the emergency room with my 2 month old and was just trying to get something to eat on our way home. I would like someone to contact me for a refund. Thank you.
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Sonja Wooley
Food taste was fine (zero salt on fries, no condiments offered or given) and order was correct but the employees were just rude. I don’t expect a 5 star dinning experience but damn, smile, say you’re welcome or have a nice day, speak in complete sentences or look at the person that is saying thank YOU and YOU have a nice day. The location isn’t in the best part of Chatt so expect an urban feel. The men’s restroom was closed and the woman’s only has one toilet. There was pee all over the place but they had running water and soap.
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Melanie Clemons (Mel)
This last time I went the were friendly and polite at the 1st window second window no hello goodbye, nothing management needs to be fired if whomever can’t get their staff to be polite. It’s simple be polite or go home, When you can be polite then come back.
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