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Airy eatery inside Hourglass Social House offering wrap sandwiches filled with vegan ingredients.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ Delivery Leguminati 32806



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Address: 2401 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806

Phone: (407) 930-7308

Website: http://www.bean-team.com/


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vegan menu. order online! Copy of CRUNCHWRAPS-2.jpeg. @leguminati. Leguminati. 2401 Curry Ford Road,. Orlando, FL, 32806,. United States.

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Leguminati, Orlando, Florida. 6099 likes · 28 talking about … 2401 Curry Ford Road, Orlando, FL, United States, Florida. (407) 930-7308. bean-team.com.


Cortney Palm
I had the crunch wrap with Mac and I was bummed there was no “crunch” it didn’t come with a tostada shell inside and I assumed it did. I would love it if they offered beans in a crunch wrap, only because I am tired if processed fake meat. Otherwise, the gal at the counter was very nice and the wraps were very yummy. I also would have liked the meal to come with salsa, it comes with chips, why not a wee bit of salsa? Good location, small parking lot and bathrooms.
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Rusty Shackleford
This place is amazing. The food is all vegan and tastes delicious. Also seems like a good place to work, get a beer or coffee, or hang with friends. I had two crunch wraps — the Cali crunch and the buffalo one. I think I probably liked the buffalo one better, but I would be happy with anything on the menu.
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Tamara Rodney
I was looking for vegan restaurants in the area and opted for Leguminati using the Happy Cow app. Even though Google Maps led me to the shopping plaza next door, I was glad to be able to patronize yet another vegan restaurant. I like that they do “just” crunch wraps in several different options. I also like that they share the space with two other equally matched businesses, which shows creativity and innovation. Rather than every person for themselves these three businesses team up and it works genious-ly. My only wish was for some fries, even though there were nacho chips, or a small side salad. Ultimately, I wanted a little more variety in the side options.
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Taylor Brewer
This place was absolutely incredible. I got the vegan Chicken Bacon Ranch Crunch with guacamole and it was to die for. They have an awesome selection of craft beers and you can mix and match a 6 pack and get a discount!!! Would definitely return when I’m back in Orlando 🙂
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Nitza Bravo
Best vegan place in Orlando! loved the wraps the vegan chicken is absolutely delicious and good consistency. I’ve been back again and again I love the one that has Mac and Cheese highly recommend!
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Megan Funk
The cutest location, inside a converted gas station, this spot is located inside a cute and cozy coffee shop/bar. The vibes are so good, I would go there for coffee daily if I lived nearby.
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x x
Vegan crunch wraps?! I couldn’t ask for more. I was pleasantly surprised by the food here and it was super good. Pictured is the Buffalo sauce wrap. I have no idea what the mock chicken is made of but it’s delicious! Everything was balanced and perfected. I can’t wait to visit again and have some more. It was so delicious that we contemplated ordering a second meal after we finished the first one! We had no idea chips would be served but it would be great if there was an option to buy dip for the chips on the side. Thanks!
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Crystal Aeppli
Super delicious food. The vegan oatmeal pie was too sweet for me. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it.
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Rayce Barnes
Foxtail coffee. Great options. Have cafe food and micro brew beer on tap. Really great atmosphere and seating.
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Ma. Cristina “Tynna” Rau
Foxtail and Leguminati share the space which is kinda cool! We sat at the bar when we ordered food from Legum and we liked the vibe, people were friendly and the food was yummy, just a little on the pricier side for the portion size.
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