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Time-tested Chinese institution preparing traditional Cantonese, Sichuan & Hunan dishes to go.

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Address: 5801 Smith Rd, Cleveland, OH 44142

Phone: (216) 267-7120

Website: http://www.gohongkongrestaurant.com/

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Reservations: gohongkongrestaurant.com

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Hong Kong Restaurant

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Hong Kong Restaurant 香港. 5801 Smith Rd, Cleveland, OH 44142-2007 216-267-7120. Mon – Sat : 11AM – 10:30 PM Sun : 12NOON – 10PM.



Keith Blackwell
October 2021: I ordered the General Tso’s Chicken during lunchtime. The food was hot, cooked thoroughly and filling.
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Brenda Venson-Holly
I only left a star to post a comment but I ordered dinner lastnight from this place around 630 700 yesterday 6/2/22 and let’s just say the food was definitely old and refried to be hot okay so I ordered orange chicken while eating it I’m noticing red portions of a reddish meat texture I’m completely turned off at this point okay boom I take it back up to them today 6/3/22 around 630 to speak with a manager about the quality of service I’ve received the night before she’s not happy with me bringing the food back and said it was cold from being in my fridge since I couldn’t take it back due to it being closed for the night “ALRIGHT” okay I take a plastic knife out and cut open an untouched piece of orange chicken in front of her and the teenager aside of her and yet again this piece of “chicken” is also reddish she then tries to tell me that it is the thigh meat section of the bird I DONT believe her because she only kept saying it was thigh meat never drumstick meat or anything “JUST” thigh meat after a couple more exchanges of words nothing nasty or rude just back and forward she dishes out a refund which wasn’t in full “OKAY” Now the best part me and my person who ate this food is now battling over bathroom time because our stomachs won’t hold anything down we actually had and still are having more than frequent bathroom stops …….this place is trash and I DONT BELIEVE some of their meat selections are what we think we’re eating or what they’re saying it is
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April Harris
Had dinner special, it was good, they gave you a enough food for two people
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Paris Kitt
Always great! Large portions of food and friendly owners. Take out only right now. If I don’t order ahead, I only wait approximately 5 to 7 minutes!! Their chicken chow mein and eggrolls are fabulous! The free fortune cookie is fun to read!
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Wynnie Ko ko
Good food and cheap with lots of deal. Not bad place at all
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The Mooch
Been going there for 15 years atleast. they treat me like family. The egg rolls here are by far the best I’ve had from any other place around. Sweet and sour sauce is incredible here too. Its not watery like most places. If you had a bad experience here just remember it will happen eventually anywhere. But look at the rest of the reviews.. mostly all 5 stars from all different people. I love this place.
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Travis Burns
Me and my family have gone here well over a decade, probably 15 years or longer. They always have great food. You can’t go wrong with the chicken & broccoli or general tso chicken. Don’t forget the sugar donuts! The family that owns this place is very nice as well
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Wilcox Properties
The lady was so nice. We ate in. The food was fresh and perfectly cooked.. The flavor had my tongue slapping my jaws. I had Chicken and Brocalli combination. And our cookie was fresh and good vanilla flavor.
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Tyler Seitz
Great food. Good quality. Good prices. Always my go to Chinese spot. Good ownership as well.
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Doesn’t matter what you order, all dishes use whatever fresh vegetables they have that day. All the gravy’s/ sauces are identical. ( except sweet and sour) I think they “American ized it” way too much. They have one cook that is AWESOME… Can’t figure out what days he works tho.
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