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Local chain offering Korean BBQ grilled tableside & banchan in a trendy, modern setting.

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Friday11 AM–11:30 PM
Saturday10 AM–11:30 PM
Sunday10 AM–10:30 PM
(Labor Day)
11 AM–10:30 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday11 AM–10:30 PM
Wednesday11 AM–10:30 PM
Thursday11 AM–10:30 PM

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Address: 11472 South St, Cerritos, CA 90703

Phone: (562) 991-5411



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Gen Korean BBQ House, Cerritos, California. 1576 likes · 30 talking about this · 26377 were here. Korean Restaurant.

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Loyd Jones
My daughter asked for a lunch date, we arrived at 1:45 and after literally a couple minutes wait we’re seated. All good there. The waiter shows up after about 10 minutes, okay… Place isn’t crowded and I can’t say what he was doing beforehand as I didn’t know who the server was. We order our beverages and food. He puts it into the iPad and then goes to help others. He brings the sauces, rice and no salad. I noticed he was starting to serve others who came in after we did. Catching his attention as he walked by, we asked for a bowl of brisket sauce. He said he could top off our sauce tray. He proceeded to give the table over a bowl of sauce. At this point we’ve been there over 25 minutes. Someone else brings the food out, guess what… The grill isn’t lit. Other people that arrived after us and are seated are already cooking and enjoying their food. I go ask the manager if I could borrow the lighter wand to light our grill (I know I can’t) she says she’ll go tell the waiter (instead of just doing it herself). They go track him down, he walks by and I’m not exaggerating another 4 to 5 times bringing stuff to the other tables, another 10 minutes had gone by and finally I’m like enough… So I ask for the check for the soda my daughter drank and he says with an attitude “what about the food” I said how were we supposed to cook it when you never turned the grill on? He says I thought it was on… I said, at this point we’re no longer interested in eating here. I speak to the manager and offer again to pay for the drink and she looked annoyed but said it’s okay. We left… And yes we’re black. The only blacks in the restaurant.
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Jason Landeros
Although pretty expensive, this is one of the best places to get Korean bbq. The meat is actually really great quality and the service is really good. The place can get really packed so get there earlier than expected. This was a great experience and is worth it.
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The food was great and the service was awesome and our waiter was great and went on beyond his duties. (Chris). We will be coming back soon…
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I ended up trying this place out last minute since my favorite spot was closed this afternoon. Overall everything was good but the service was kind of slow, the meats were okay and they don’t give you enough sides for four people. I honestly can’t complain since it was $20 per person.
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mimi Scorpio
Everything was beyond my expectations. Very good food. I recommend it.
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Noah Urrutia
The food was delicious but the service was terrible. The waiters were just unprofessional and they were untrained. They forget your meat your order and it takes a long time just to get meat. Don t recommend it!! The bartender was a very nice person 10/10 to that person.
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Sreynit Lim
I went here many times already but never drop the reviews. I still like this place a bit slow service but still good taking care of costumer.
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Sanjay Bhuyan
My family was visiting from Italy and they were very excited to go to a Korean BBQ. We were at Santa Monica and we checked out (google) the BBQs in Cerritos (where i live) this has very high rating so we decided to go here. We drove for about 45 min from Santa Monica and reached at about 830 pm last Friday and were very excited. I went to the reception to get a table, there was a bit of a chaos as they sell ice cream at the counter and some families were buying ice cream for their kids. I waited and then asked for a table for 3. The girl at the counter looked around and picked up 3 serving plates and asked me to follow her to the table (which was on the window table on the right side behind the counter). At this moment 3 to 4 more customers came in and were waiting for table. At this moment Ryan (I got his name later) the manager came in and stopped the lady from allocating me the table and she didn’t tell me anything at that moment. Some other customers started talking to her and were give table’s. I got a bit confused and waited for her to seat me as was planned. When she didn’t, I asked her what was going on and she said that Ryan the manager (a smart looking young man wearing a light grey CK branded shirt that day) asked her not to give the table and has asked her to give me a table at the other location (few meters away) and not this. Initially I didn’t react as I didn’t understand what was happening and then I saw that people were continuing to be seated at this location. Then I realized that it was a some kind of discrimination towards me being brown & was not allocated a table and I asked the lady to speak to Ryan and I protested for his approach and then he gave me a seat at the corner with lot of unused furniture around. I sat there and didn’t like the location.
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Eb Rodriguez
Took family on my daughters Birthday and we were advise that kitchen was slow but we didn’t expected for service to be extremely slow with forgetful waiters, my daughter asked for a lemon and she didn’t received it until the 5th time she asked (20 minutes later) this happened to almost all our request for more food portions. Food is good but portions are not fulfilling. Portions should be served with a large amount instead of a small size to prevent the need to keep requesting more. The younger generation of workers need training in customer service, listening skills, hospitality, and communication with customers.
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This was my first time at this location, and I loved it. My son is always talking about how good the food is here, and he is not wrong. The food was delicious. However, parking was difficult to find, and it was quite stuffy in the restaurant. Other than that this is a place I’d recommend going to for Korean BBQ. Very delicious
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