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Trenton, NJ | Cousins Maine Lobster

From trap to truck or table – each Cousins Maine Lobster family member travels to Maine, meets our lobstermen, boards their boats, baits & hauls traps, and …

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Cousins Maine Lobster – Trenton & Philadelphia

Delivery & Pickup Options – 76 reviews of Cousins Maine Lobster – Trenton … is my second try with Cousins Main Lobster Trenton Truck in Morris Plain, NJ.

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Peng Hsu
Get it from their food truck. It showed up Thursday at end of the Costco’s parking lots. Tried their Lobster roll. Hmmm.. pretty good. The potato fries were also seasoned well… For the real Lobster ,the price is reasonable.. Had a satisfied lunch…..
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Shawn The Local
Great food truck , they move around a lot and have many trucks. download the app and know where they are. Seafood is fresh , had the tots , wish there was more lobster on it but great flavors and combos on all dishes.
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Terri Caramenico
First time trying Cousins Maine Lobster and it didn’t disappoint. We tried the chowder tots, both types of lobster rolls, the lobster bisque, and whoopie pies for dessert. Everything was delicious and packaged so well that it was all still hot after the 20 minute ride home. It’s not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for in quality and taste. The reward points program is very nice too. First order and I’ve already gotten enough points for a free lobster bisque.
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Judith K. Robinson
I just had a lobster roll for $21.00 and what a disappointment! A few pieces of lobster on a bare cheap roll. A total ripoff and never again! Would not recommend this to anyone!! Stay away!!
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Charlene Burrell
I had the Lobster roll before they are getting less Lobster. The price has gone up too. Will not go back. This was my birthday treat.
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Josh Binder
Went to the food truck, it was over $20 for the Connecticut. The roll was decent but it was also incredibly small, there was no way it was worth $3+ per bite. Doubt I’d ever find the desire to to back for more.
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Anthony NJ
There were other patrons there at the truck so I thought I would give it a shot but I was disappointed. I got the Connecticut and it was like a slice of wet toast with lobster on it, the wet bread fell apart so I had to put it in a bowl and eat it with a fork. It didn’t taste like anything and paying 20 dollars for one made it worse. I knew it was a mistake when I was handed my order of 2 Connecticuts and the bag felt like it was empty. The truck looked good, the lady in the truck was nice, they have their own app, the paper bag was quality and there were other patrons there but I won’t return.
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Tabitha Rochelle Hatcher
Get the Lobster Grilled Cheese.. Great size with the right amount of cheese and meat. And it comes with tots. DONT GET LOBSTER ROLL. This is the 2nd time to the truck thought I would give it a try. For $20 it’s not worth it. The chips are there to compare the size. TTHE CHIPS WERE NOT INCLUDED. No butter or lemon or anything on the bread. I added some cheese to make it something. Will go again just not getting that.
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Expensive, not worth itThe bisque is mediocre, with very little lobster meat, and heavily thickened with flour.The lobster roll is just plain lobster meat, not well cleaned (lots of shell), no mayo, no herbs, NOTHING!
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Pam Siren
Thoroughly enjoyed their Maine Lobster Rolls and clam chowder at the Free Will Brewery event in Perkasie,PA on May 28, 2022. Lobster Roll SUBERB!Clam chowder DELICIOUS.
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