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Mongolian beef, cashew shrimp & orange chicken round out the menu at this simple Chinese restaurant.

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Address: 404 University Dr, College Station, TX 77840

Phone: (979) 696-8383



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Hao-Yun Peng
It would be great if you go during lunch because they have lunch special. It was 6.99-8.99 dollars per dish, with either the steamed rice or the fried rice. The fried was okay but not great. I ordered happy family, with the combination of shrimps, beefs, chicken, and some veggies. It was delicious but a little bit salty. If you order two lunch special, you can replace one of your rice to any soups you want. This is really sweet of them. The tofu veggie was the other dish I ordered. They made the Happy family and the tofu veggie with the same sauce so I would not recommend to order these two dishes at the same time.
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The food was amazing!! We ordered deliver and it came quick and the food was still to hot to eat. Everything was awesome, flavorful, and tender beef and chicken. Thank you for a great experience for dinner in a hotel after a long 2 days of traveling. Will for sure order again if I’m ever in this area again. Thank you!!!
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Emy Aninzo-Wong
We ordered takeout to celebrate for a birthday. The food was okay. We ordered several dishes and only got 2 scoops of rice. The mapo tofu was bitter and spicy. The Peking duck was just okay.
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Regann Sherman
Got delivery from here, I can’t speak to the dine-in experience but the takeout was not good. I’m not a picky person and I will eat just about any Chinese, but I didn’t eat more than 2 bites of my entrees or appetizers. Very soggy breading, odd flavors, just overall bad flavoring and textures. Maybe it was a busy night or some other issue, but bad experience. Too expensive for experience. Great customer service though.
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Coco Peng
It’s my new favorite restaurant in town. Their seafood dishes are amazing! We had steamed fish and pepper salt squid. They both are super delicious! And their mixed veggies are also fresh and yummy.
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Wasn’t bad. I was able to try duck for the first time in my life. I wasnt to happy with the portion size, but not huge problem. However, while ordering won ton soup, they dont bring won ton pieces unless you request…..
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Christopher Sze
I was excited to learn that they have my all time childhood favorite BEEF HO FAN NOODLES. The thing is, if you buy this at a Chinese place anywhere in the world, there is an expectation on how it is supposed to look and taste like. Ordered It and it did not look or taste like how it should be.
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Randall Rubio
Honestly very mid quality food. Lo mien was salty. And the the sweet and sour pork was alright. Cheap lunch specials but sadly their entree options don’t come with rice.
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Sun Pal
Excellent place that is highly underrated for some obscure reason possibly because they offer possibly fewer American Chinese options. Food and service has been excellent every time. Ginger chicken boasted tender slices of chicken velveted in a savory sauce with plenty of ginger to offer a bracing yet comforting bite, vegetables have been cooked perfectly each time, the fish in chili oil was a perfect balance of heat and pleasing numbness offered by the Sichuan peppercorns. Mapo tofu was excellent. Absolutely worth many visits.
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Roxanna Jozwiak
Worst Chinese place in town! The eggrolls are as if I stuck a spoonful of cinnamon in my mouth and were burnt all the way. The rice is old and NOT FRESH. Water has more flavor than the lo mein noodles. I ordered delivery and the guy knocked once and immediately walked to his car, when I opened the door he was already opening his car door. He waited maybe 3 seconds after he knocked. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!
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