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See website for delivery! ZMG is a local Mediterranean eatery that has served the triad for 20+ years & focused on producing high-quality dips & sandwiches. The cuisine captures flavors from across the mediterranean & is produced using local, natural and organic sources.

Health and Safety:  Temperature check required · Staff wear masks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · 


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Address: 114 N Elm St Suite 102, Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: (336) 907-8451



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Zaytoon Mediteranean Grill (ZMG) logo. Order now … Pickup at Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill (114 North Elm Street Suite 102 GREENSBORO, NC 27401).

Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill – Greensboro, North Carolina

ZMG is a local Mediterranean eatery that has served the triad for 20+ years & focused on producing… 114 North Elm Street Suite 102, Greensboro, NC 27401.

Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill (ZMG) Greensboro, NC 27401

This is a great restaurant! As a downtown worker it is often I am scrounging for fresh food and delicious combinations of things for lunch. Zaytoon has nailed …

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Ravi Sharma
Zaytoon Mediterranean Grill is located on N. Elm Street in historic downtown Greensboro. And if you hear the word downtown….parking spot is the first thing which comes to mind. This is no different and I was super lucky to find a spot right outside the building. However, there are several options available with a few minutes walk.Zaytoon is located inside a building with several other restaurants as neighbors. I was immediately greeted “I think” by the owner and her energy was just contagious. When you walk in, you place the order and will be given a ticket. You can seat yourself anywhere and wait for your number to be called. It has 2 levels and of course I picked the second floor especially since it was empty. Ordered the chicken shawarma and as much as it was good….I wasn’t blown away. The chicken was a little dry. The pita chips were a tiny portion however the hummus was delicious. It definitely tasted freshly made rather than just out of a jar. Also, I ordered bottled water and later realized they already had water with cups which I could have just filled up myself.They do focus on the quality of food and claim using celtic sea salt in the kitchen. This concept of healthy Mediterranean cuisine was founded 20 years ago and it is a must visit if you happen to be in downtown.
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Brooke Juneau
I have missed my weekly visits to Zaytoon since I stopped working downtown, so when I needed catering for a party, I jumped on the opportunity to satisfy my craving. Annah was just lovely to work with, and helped me plan the ideal spread for our occasion. She provided numerous trays with assorted dips, pita, turnovers, flatbreads, and sweet pastries – all of which were beautiful and delicious. The large trays contained way more than enough to feed our 25+ guests and even send folks home with leftovers. Food from Zaytoon always tastes indulgent, yet leaves you feeling a little healthier. Wonderful fare from a wonderful family!
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Israel Sepulveda
Just ordered the Mojadara Plate and the gyro meat on Doordash. The meat was extremly dry and the food didn’t taste all that great. On top of that, I didn’t get utensils. Overall, the experience wasn’t great.
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This is a great restaurant! As a downtown worker it is often I am scrounging for fresh food and delicious combinations of things for lunch. Zaytoon has nailed it. They offer delicious salads and wraps, and much much more! Do yourself a favor and check them out.
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Elijah Mears
Zaytoon is a truly excellent establishment. The staff is extremely courteous and always willing to go above and beyond for the customer, and the food is always fresh and delicious. Every bite feels like I’m back in the eastern Mediterranean. Simply divine.
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Bashir Deeb
Amazing family owned business. They take pride in providing excellent food and friendly service. Most of their ingredients are locally sourced. Fresh, healthy and not expensive!
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First time eating today. The food was fresh and delicious. I had the Chicken Souvlaki. Very authentic and not a chain!
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Loon K Do
I was lucky enough to feature this spot on one of my food tour videos and man was the food delicious! It’s so hard finding tasty, healthy, affordable eats these days. I can’t recommend ZMG enough!!
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Jay Edylc
They do not give receipts here, the server mistook my order when I ordered just a simple wrap combo and then already rung me up for a full plate. They told me they would cancel out my first order and re-rung me again for the second order. The person at the stand seemed to be strung out on something and nervous, they seemed to be working their first day there. Turns out the person who told me would cancel my first order didn’t! I just checked my credit card statement and was double charged instead. Once for their first mistake, then second for when they re rung the order the second time!! I was told they would cancel out that charge but I was never given receipts, only order tickets with no charge amounts on them!! I will no longer come back to this place for service, the food was not worth getting charged TWO TIMES OVER FOR!!! By the way, I just tried to call their number and it went straight to an answering machine instead.Follow-up: Noted reply from owner stated they were going green and minimizing paper receipts. I was still given two (2) paper tickets with only order numbers on them, not receipts. They still consume paper at this establishment for these order tickets while they are going green. Who you trying to kid with the “green” excuse when you use paper bags at the same time??? Guess paper bags don’t consume the same trees as receipts. Secondly, I WAS NOT given the option NOR advised of any other alternative to have a receipt texted / emailed, otherwise I would have. Thirdly, I was not only told the first time the firs order would have been cancelled but I rec-checked with them upon leaving. I was cut off from finishing what I was rechecking for and yet they were more distracted to make sure my order was according to the second ring-up. I have worked in food service before, once in a restaurant, and again in a cereal mill. This review does not come from a random person looking to cut someone off at the knees. Lastly, if you continue to ignore correcting your past and future mistakes (and there will be) and instead give cheap excuses, I will not be the only one here to be giving bad reviews, just saying. The pandemic is almost over so that excuse will run thin for you very soon.
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Jennifer Noble
I am THRILLED that Zaytoons has re-opened. Their food is so fresh and flavorful. My VERY FAVORITE place to have lunch.
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