Yang Kee BBQ Noodle

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Wednesday9 AM–7 PM
Thursday9 AM–7 PM
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Address: 8220 SE Harrison St #215, Portland, OR 97216

Phone: (503) 406-8003




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Charlie Te
Pretty decent place to get a good bowl of wonton noodle soup. The menu is similar to the restaurant that was there beforehand (Good Taste). I ordered the special combination that came with duck, bbq pork, and roasted pork. I usually like the meat on the side so it doesn’t get all soggy. The broth was good, and the portions were generous. The service is pretty quick.
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Joey L
This is exactly where I want to eat wonton soup in Portland forever. Perfect in every way pork and shrimp wontons with a generous helping of crispy roast pork besides. A nice mild but flavorful broth, plus above average noodles and a few nice wedges of bok choy. For $13, this place is on my new favs list.
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Cindy Tran
You want to eat somewhere that has baller wonton soup, crispy pork belly, roasted duck, and egg noodles? Come to Yang Kee! They have great low prices and awesome food! Pretty sure this crispy pork belly noodle dish is gonna take me out with generous portion size they gave me, but you know what? Delicious way to go
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Jessica vescogni
We ordered
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Marvy Schuman
Fast, delicious, noisy just like you’d be in a Hong Kong restaurant. Highly recommended. We made the 2 hour drive to celebrate our pre Chinese New Year weekend in this restaurant. The women who run this restaurant rock.
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Johnny Seng
The roast pork was really good. No frills place. Price per pound was comparable. Only came for the roast pork and duck, didn’t get to try any other dishes. The ladies assisting me were very nice and welcoming.
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Terry Tam
Was craving some wonton soup and decided to try. The restaurant and parking lot was a bit tight but the food was good. Pretty generous portions, I had the super bowl B, and thought it was a good mixture of flavors. My wife had a wonton soup with roast pork and she liked how the soup wasn’t so overpowering in flavor that she couldn’t taste wontons/pork. I’d come again
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thach Harrison
The roasted duck and roasted pork reminds me of my childhood as I remember walking to a Chinese restaurant and see both these hanging up in a glass booth. The roasted pork was succulent. Juicy, not salty whatsoever and the skin was crispy with a slight chewyness. The roasted duck was also juicy, the meat was flavourful. One of the better places to get this 2 items.
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Praewpit Konchalad
Best noodle I’ve been having in Portland so far.
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Yer Chang
I was so excited to hear that this restaurant reopened and under a new name. Same great taste that my taste buds can remember. We ordered bbq pork wonton & roast pork wonton and pepper salted squid. Give it a try!
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