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Rustic window-serve stand providing tacos with various fillings along with other Mexican fast food.

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Friday3–10 PM
Saturday3–10 PM
(Labor Day)
3–8 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday3–8 PM
Wednesday3–8 PM
Thursday3–8 PM

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Address: 2419 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Phone: (323) 291-1500



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Welcome to Worldwide Tacos

Planning an event? Please call and ask about our catering. 2419 W. Martin Luther King Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90008 323-291-1500.

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WorldwideTacos GourmetStyle. 2419 w. Martin Luther King bl., Los Angeles ca 90008. Freshly preparing over 200 different Tacos and Burritos.

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Martin Luther King Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90008. Opening Hour. Tuesday- Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM …


I came from North Carolina!!! Of course I was on vacation and had to try these tacos out. Found out about this place off of Insecure tv series with Issa Rae. THE wait was an hour. So, of course I didn’t like that!! But, I went to the L.A. mall to shop and look around while I patiently waited. And, the wait was well worth it. I ordered the vegan buffalo chicken mild, and mango salmon. When I tell you I smashed them tacos !!! Omg. So tender so flavorful so worth it..!!!! When I come back to the West coast I will be sure to purchase again. But, next time imma need a whole dozen not just two ❤️
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Trayona McKeithan
When I mean THE BEST TACOS I’ve ever had. I traveled from DC to visit friends and they brought me here hands down the best experience ever. WORTH THE WAIT SO DON’T COMPLAIN! We came back 3 days in a row. I’ll be back in September & I’m so excited!
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Ashley L.
I really thought the hype surrounding this establishment would’ve been justified by the food & I really hate to say it, but I was totally wrong. For lots of people who’ve watched the series “Insecure”, they may be familiar with this food spot due to a scene from the show. I figured they would be even busier due to the newfound attention from that show, but while on a visit to Cali I thought my family & I would pay a visit anyway. The gentleman at the window allowed my nephew to place an order earlier than they opened, at around 2:30pm instead of 3pm which we thought was really nice. He said it’d be about an hour before our order would be ready so we decided to go ride around looking for other spots to visit. We didn’t want to venture too far & have our order just sitting left to get cold, so we stayed pretty local. Came back to the parking lot of World Wide Tacos at 3:30pm to wait for the call that our order was ready. We didn’t get the call & instead had to check at the window numerous times until our order was ready at 5:22pm!!! You read that right: we ordered at 2:30pm & didn’t get it until 5:22pm. A niece ordered ground beef soft tacos which she said was ok but too spicy. A sister had the buffalo shrimp & Belizean shrimp hard tacos, which she really like but mentioned how spicy they were. Another family member had steak hard tacos; again, good, seasoned meat but just really spicy. I had the lemon/lime shrimp & garlic shrimp hard tacos…..the garlic shrimp had a funny taste to the sauce I couldn’t put my finger on but the lemon/lime shrimp taco WAY too spicy! It had a thick layer of spicy red paste at the bottom of the taco and the shrimp seemed to have been tossed in the same sauce! They were all topped with lettuce, cheese & cilantro looks like. Now us being from New Orleans we LOVE seasoned, spicy food but this left me not enjoying it because it was just all hot pepper, no taste. Just a hot pepper paste taco…I really hated that we waited an ungodly amount of time for that. And to top it off, they forgot my nephews lobster taco to which the guy who initially took the order yelled saying he took his order & he didn’t order a lobster taco. Now, to forget a part of an order or hear it incorrectly is one thing, but no customer should be yelled at for trying to clarify a missing part of their order! Huge turnoff amongst everything else. (By the way, it was painful for him to even finish that lobster taco once he got it because that too was full of that same hot pepper paste!) I have no idea what takes them so long to make those tacos but it’s ridiculous & not worth the wait. I’m giving 2 stars because the size of the shrimp was nice & the hard taco shell was good. I can’t in good faith rate it higher than that from my perspective.
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Omari King
I saw this place on insecure and I thought Issa was over exaggerating the wait time. Boy was I wrong I went here to sample the tacos and they told me a 4hr wait I declined and asked them to let me place a bigger order so I could order enough so all my friends could try them also! It took 24hrs to get the big order but man was it worth it! This place is worth the wait I highly encourage you to try this place out even though the wait is awful long!
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This place has so many varieties of food it was hard to decide I went with the shrimp and lobster taco a ground beef taco and a steak taco … hands down the food was delicious it was seasoned hot and fresh … I will definitely be coming back to this place it was well worth the price …the only thing I didn’t like was I had to wait an hour to get my food
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It’s insane to think this process of ordering tacos and the wait can’t be improved. Get a app for people to order ahead. Stop telling people to have patience it’s just bad business. Are the tacos actually being made here because no smell of food was even in the vicinity. 5+hrs for tacos is a joke.
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Meeka Smith
Not bad for my first time I’ve lived in L.A. all my life and never tried this place. It was delicious paid $32 for 12 tacos. They do have a ton of vegan choices as well. And they do require a contact number for pick up my order took and hour to be ready which is enough time to run a quick errand. Would go back again they are just about 0.25 cent more then Oki Dogs tacos and I love those as well. My new taco spot. Can’t wait for my sister’s to come home so we can try this together!!!!!
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Well I came here to work with RuPaul at his drag con as a featured artist and I wanted to partake in some of the restaurants that I saw on my favorite show “Insecure” and it was a scene in the show where Isa had to wait about an hour or so for her taco I thought it was just for show purposes but I was wrong they told me I had a 3-hour wait for two burritos one barbecue shrimp and one barbecue salmon and I laughed at that lady however I did have to wait almost 4 hours actually they never called me to tell me my food was ready I had to show up about 10:45 and it was by the grace of God that I did. When I arrived my food was ready it was still warm and then the people left for the evenings so I’m glad I made it when I did but I say all this to say that it was well worth the wait the food was absolutely amazing and I barely got away because my friend ate half of my barbecue shrimp burrito the moral of the story is never share your food from worldwide tacos keep it to yourself especially if you wait nearly 4 hours for your food 🙂 LeaveMORE EVERYWHERE
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Keesha Ford
Have lived in L.A. most of my life and never tried them. Today I figured, why not support and went down. I ordered 3 tacos and was told 4 hours!! I’m like okay, in the reviews they say 2 to 3 but 4 okay I’ll humor them. Paid my $20 and went about my day. 5 hours later, I hadn’t heard anything, almost 6 hours crickets. So not being familiar with them I wondered if they’d closed and drove over. Get there, ask about my order and the lady says they’d just started my order and needed another 30 to 45 minutes. Nope, no thank you- I just asked for a refund. Tacos may be excellent but I will never know cuz ain’t a taco in this world worth me waiting over 6 hours for!
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Clark Management
We were quoted 1.5 hour turnaround.Yet 4 hours later still No tacos. Then has the ordacity to have an attitude when we called to make sure nothing was wrong. I come here when visiting from Washington ,DC .This is why you sometimes can Not support unprofessional black businesses.
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