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Thursday11 AM–10 PM
Friday11 AM–10:30 PM
Saturday11 AM–10:30 PM
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11 AM–10 PM
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Tuesday11 AM–10 PM
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Address: 1671 Center Point Pkwy, Center Point, AL 35215

Phone: (205) 815-3264



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UDoria Seltzer
This had to be the worst chicken finger plate I have ever gotten before in my life. The tenders were hard and they were not like chicken breast meat. They were like cheap chicken nuggets. On the upside, the peach punch was actually decent. I had to throw the entire meal the away.
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Eric Cole
Order a #1 all drums with lemon pepper. They give me 10 plain. Talking bout it’s on there. Then gets a attitude. Won’t go back
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I like Wing it, but please fill your ranch cups up. These are 3 extra cups of ranch that I paid additional money for and NONE of the ranch cups I received were even half full. These came straight out of the bag looking like this. These 3 cups combined would probably equal one full cup. This has happened on several occasions.
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Michelle Raney
Best place for wings around!!!
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Paul Haynes
Wings are now precooked and dry plus the cook was Hocking Luigi’s the entire time he was preparing everyone’s food, will not be back.
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Korri’s World
Definitely my favorite wing place on the east side!
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Kaya Fordham
I got a 6 piece honey mustard with lemon pepper wing with Cajun ranch fries with a side of hair!! I won’t be back disgusting and it ain’t even good ✌
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Impulsive Spectle
I really like this restaurant but the customer service kinda sucks. Everytime I go they are extremely rude. But I keep going because there the only good restaurant near my job, but I’ll never go again. I ordered some lemon pepper chicken from them. When I pulled it apart it was pink. I proceeded to eat it anyway because I didn’t wanna waste my money, and since I got it from a restaurant that specializes in chicken I figured that I wouldn’t get sick. Literally, the next day I got food poisoning. I was crunched over crying in pain, I had explosive diarrhea, I was super tired ,I even had to miss school. They need to do a lot better.
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L Cannon
I’m very confused at to why this restaurant has good reviews… DO NOT EAT HERE… my nachos had hair in it the whole wings were the size of a quarter and almost burnt the Philly cheesesteak is not seasoned and the fries are wack my family and I randomly try different restaurants and WE WILL NEVER EAT HERE AGAIN my food was delivered so I couldn’t take it back but unless you’re ok eating hair in your food I WOULD NEVER EAT HERE everything was thrown away shut this place down!!!!!!
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S Little
Well for one the prices have significantly increased. Also I noticed other customers adding lots of seasoning to their food. At first I was confused but once I ate my wings I figured out why. I ordered a 10-piece lemon pepper and hot half and half. The wings were terribly under seasoned and lacked flavor. I had to go back in and add seasoning which is not good for a customer. This place used to be very good but now, not so sure. But the peach tea was wonderful!
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