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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Address: 5985 Andrews Rd, Mentor-On-The-Lake, OH 44060

Phone: (440) 257-7994

Website: https://locations.wendys.com/united-states/oh/mentor-on-the-lake/5985-andrews-rd?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=Google_My_Business&utm_campaign=Local_Search&utm_content=EN_US

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Ordered a large double combo as well as some other menu item and this is what I received for my large fries. I always ask with my fries with no salt because they put entirely to much salt on them. When I began to eat this SMALL fry they were still salty.
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This past Sunday was a very chaotic day for us. After missing dinner, we opted for a late bite to eat from this Wendy’s, on Andrews Rd in Mentor on the Lake. I get that the staff was probably wanting to go home as it was about 20 minutes to closing time. We were not picky at all with our order, and opted to get whatever they had available. Some of the staff was polite and nice, especially the lady who took our order and the guy who handed us our food. What didn’t set we’ll with us is the heavy set lady, who walked out of the restaurant and proceeded to flip us off as we drove by her. I am assuming it was because of our order being so close to closing time. I don’t know this lady’s name or what position she fills at Wendy’s, but I do know her behavior, and the way she acted towards us, is enough to make me not want to go back. We all have hard days, yesterday was one for us as well, but your staff needs to learn how to not take it out on the customers. After all the customers are the reason you have a job. A well trained staff knows how to manage their emotions, frustrations, energy, etc. Good customer service is what keeps businesses operating. I literally live in walking distance to this Wendy’s, however I will gladly spend my money elsewhere to ensure we get quality food and good customer service, two things I want when I decide who gets my hard earned money.
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Joe Spellman
Awful service, Wendy’s should be ashamed of themselves. 10 people working inside, but the inside isn’t open, dining room hours change daily. Unwilling to accommodate a truck driver who can’t go through the drive thru.
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Alan Morganti
Worst Wendy’s around. The manager was outside talking while the li e inside wad over 10 people, drive thru was backed up into Walgreens, its filthy, unorganized. Do t waste your time for going there. Terrible.
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Gene Parish (Gene-Paul)
I got the pub bacon chicken and fries, as did my wife. We also each got the lemonade. The sandwich was solid. Both of us only got a half carton of fries though. There was also some weird behavior with the credit card, that led us to wonder if they were skinning it since they disappeared with it for some time. I am giving this location two stars for a combo of half fries and their suspicious behavior. We will keep an eye the bank account in question.
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Joseph Hefler IV
I have been here more than 5 times. Never a problem with my order. You can see there is care when making their sandwiches. The online app deals make the value great. I cant really say a bad thing about this location. Great staff and customer service too. 5 stars easily. Thanks for being awesome!
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Brandon Hiatt
If I’m craving Wendy’s, the Mentor-on-the-Lake store is where I’m going. From great service to fresh food, this location outshines all the other quick-service restaurants in the area!
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Brian Holladay
They don’t have lettuce and tomato right now so everything just a plain burger or cheese burger but the prices are still the same.
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Jerry Graham
Got a meal for myself and my son and like every time I go to this Wendy’s I ask for no mayo and 10/10 times it always has mayo. Never have this problem at other Wendy’s in the area I go to. I don’t bother swinging back around because the line is always so long, just take it home and slap my own bun on it instead. Just wish this location could get it right. Otherwise the food here is good.
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Great Wendy’s location. Nothing bad to say as I’ve been coming here for for years now and have yet to have an issue.
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