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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Wednesday6:30 AM–2 AM
Thursday6:30 AM–2 AM
Friday6:30 AM–2 AM
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Address: 355 Whiteville Rd NW, Shallotte, NC 28470

Phone: (910) 755-3333



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Kandace Knight
Went into Wendy’s to eat- should have known better- worker outside on break smoking, which is fine however comes back in and never washed his hands. Went straight back inside to the front counter to the cookie display and proceed to bag a cookie. Then went on to the back. Asked for fresh fries and they were cold. Sat and ate even tho the food sucked since I’m not one to complain. About halfway thru the meal I noticed something black in my drink. Checked my partners drink and it was in their drink also. – it’s mold I have worked plenty of places to know. Alerted the manager on duty who didn’t seem to care at all. Said they will order a new nozzle. Nothing about cleaning the machine. Just a forewarning to anyone wanting to eat there how things are done.
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Trisha Williams
Done with Wendy’s. First thing, driving around restaurant and see a worker outside on break smoking and hands all in is hair. No biggie everyone needs a break. Proceed to walk in order food and get booted out of the way so employee can order their food. Ok. Low and behold while I finally order, here comes worker from outside. Does he wash his Hands no! Proceeds to go on with work. So regardless if anyone is wearing gloves, he’s touching everything the gloves touch. Fries cold, noticed drink had specks of mold floating in the middle. People have some work ethic! People spend hard earned money to pay for meals. If you don’t want to do your job right quit!
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Pamela Smith
This is the worst Wendy’s I have been to. Read the reviews—The employee doesn’t wash hands. My experience today was in the drive thru. The boy at the window never once spoke to me. I said “How are you today” and he just looked at me. Then after giving me my food, I said “Have a great day” and he again just looked at me. He didn’t place any sauces in my bag in which I had asked for some. The fries were over cooked. Will not be back to this one. The manager needs to work on this place!
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ordered spicy nuggets and they gave us regular without saying anything. came back and they said “that’s all we had so that’s what you get” and refunded us thankfully but took the nuggets which is fine but I hope they aren’t doing that and reusing them for other orders; also when ordering the person kept saying they were out of everything so we asked for a moment to look to find an alternative and she said “oh my god” and was very hostile. they were all very nasty. the other food we got was disgusting, cold and tasted funny so we threw it away. don’t recommend this Wendy’s AT ALL.
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Graciela Sandt
I love to eat a quick sandwich at Wendy’s. It never disappoints. The crew is always willing to help. Thank you for caring and to make a good experience for your customers.
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Bobby Stout
I hadn’t had Wendy’s in years. Took my 5 yr old son for his first time. The food was great and prices were reasonable. We will definitely be returning soon.
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lisa damico
The burger has been turned into what looks like the thickness of a white castle burger! It’s mostly roll! My order was incorrect, and I only got a cheeseburger. How hard could that have been? On top of that the Suda machine must have explored all over the floor! So your standing in a pool of brown sticky soda water and tracking it everywhere. GROSS!!!
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Bernadette Tavares
It was 11:30 on a Sunday morning. I ordered two chicken wraps and a chicken cob salad. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the chicken in the wraps and in the salad was hard as a rock dried look like it had been sitting out in the sun for 2 weeks. How could anybody serve something like that to a human being? I wouldn’t even give it to my animals.
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Emerson Glenn
the lady with the ugly tattoos all over her face and rotten teeth needs to find a new job. absolutely embarrassing to have someone working like that at your facilities. she’s absolutely ridiculous and rude to your costumers
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Brian Campbell
Every time we go at night, they mess up our order, and the last 3 times they don’t have potatoes. Potatoes are a big part of the menu to be out at 6 pm. I go several times a week for lunch, and the staff is always great. I’m not sure what happens at night. Check EVERYTHING IN THE EVENING TIME!
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