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Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ Delivery Wendy's 24060


Thursday10:30 AM–10 PM
Friday10:30 AM–11 PM
Saturday10:30 AM–11 PM
Sunday10:30 AM–10 PM
Monday10:30 AM–10 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM–10 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM–10 PM

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Address: 1705 S Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: (540) 552-1440



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Daniel Filiatreau
The workers were very kind! Sadly, there was mold on my fruit
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Carrie S.
We have been to this Wendy’s multiple times recently and none of them have been a great experience but last week was the straw that broke us…. we used the drive thru window to order and as we are ordering, we can hear the employees over the speaker messing around and being loud. I’m in favor of having fun while you work, however when the person taking orders has to ask me to repeat myself multiple times I get pretty frustrated. Order being done we drive around and wait a couple minutes at the window to pay. There were no other cars ahead of us in line but two cars waiting for orders parked). We receive one of our 4 drinks and are asked to wait in a parking spot for the rest. We park and wait. This is not unusual, but after 15 minutes our food is finally brought to us. We are missing the rest of our drinks still and our food order is missing multiple items. We are asked to wait and they will be right back. We agree and wait cracking into the food we have. Finish our food. Wait some more. 47 minutes after our order was placed I am fed up and get out to go see what the hold up is. I make it to the doors and the employees are chatting and messing around at the counter with our missing items in hand. I was seen approaching the door and the person immediately runs across the room and hands me our items. No apologies for the time it took or anything. I am always willing to over look a couple things, but we will not go back to this store after being extremely disappointed in service multiple times.
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Angela Smith
We went through the drive through because we were in a hurry, but didn’t leave with all of our food until 45 minutes later. The staff were horsing around and we had to send the person back three different times because our order wasn’t complete. The last time she went in we had to go back in after it because she was standing there talking to the staff and had not delivered our food to the vehicle. We will never be go back. It was very frustrating and pitiful.
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Eric Weber
When a soda and fries is $7 and it takes 10 minutes to get it from the drive thru even though there is only one other car in line, you get one star. It would be zero if Google allowed zero star reviews.
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Tyrome Crockett
That’s my go to if everything thing else fails. Never go wrong with a 5 dollar bag
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Jennifer Newmark
The crew tonight was on point. Fresh food, friendly service, didn’t even get jumped on the fries. Thanks guys!
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Jeffrey Crowder
No carbonated beverages, no strawberry frosty, ketchup pumps empty. Otherwise, food was good.
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Anna Carr
Just stopped by for a burger on my dinner break. Bun was cold,cheese half melted. I’m not thrilled for the price of this burger.☹️
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beachbreak3 “Lowetide”
While small details of the order were wrong (wrong toppings on sandwich, wrong sauce for nuggets), this service was friendly and fast.
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Horrible I actually left the drive-thru line that’s how long it took after 20 minutes
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