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At Wendy’s in Manassas, VA we’re serving burgers made with 100% fresh, never frozen beef. Order natural cut fries, Wendy’s classic chicken nuggets, fresh salads, a sweet Frosty®, or meaty Baconator® at a Wendy’s near you. See our Wendy’s Manassas, VA hours, Wendy’s coupons and menu. Download the Wendy’s app to get Wendy’s specials and deals.

Fast-food burger chain serving sides such as chili & baked potatoes.

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Address: 8989 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: (703) 369-2244

Website: https://locations.wendys.com/united-states/va/manassas/8989-centreville-rd.?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=Google_My_Business&utm_campaign=Local_Search&utm_content=EN_US

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Ingrid Jeffers
Believe these low reviews. 1. I heard mice while in the drive thru line making a ton of noise near some sort of food storage bin. 2. I was so hungry I still got my food and I am ashamed. 3. The drive they person purposefully withheld the sauce that came with my meal. I started looking in my bag to confirm and he said oh did you need the sweet and sour sauce you ordered? What do you think, Sherlock?
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Fries weren’t fresh. Coke tasted like lemonade and the bacon on my “premium” sandwich was disgusting and burnt. It had a fishy smell to it. The tomato and lettuce had a chemical taste to them so I didn’t even eat lunch.
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Robert ortiz
I’d like to experience with goods no problems food came out hot and fresh. Last experience with Wendy’s deprive or called despite their guarantee this time it was perfect
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Isaac Barnes
Good burger just to much ketchup. Best fast-food fries
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X Keller
I eat alot generally 5 to 13 dollars per person is what you can expect to spend save the hassle go to Roy Roger’s literally a stone throw to your right if your in the drive thru….(like pull up look right and bam it’s in your facebetter food same-ish cost kekw lul
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Jim Springle
When I pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to see the lobby had customers inside. I parked and went in to place my order. The restaurant was very clean and the tables were spread far enough away that I would have felt comfortable eating inside. The food was freshly made once I ordered it and tasted great once I got home. I was pleasantly surprised since I had never been to this Wendy’s.
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Julie Hendrix Kinard
WTH! Wendy’s! Why do you hate customers? I wanted to have breakfast here, but even though the drive-thru is open, the dining room doesn’t open until 10:30am. I don’t want drive-thru. I want to sit at a table inside to eat breakfast. That’s not logical.
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Drew Begley
Food isn’t bad, but Banik sucks. I just watched him open-mouth cough over my food bag before he shut it and I guess, since he’s the manager, he doesn’t have to actually wear his mask. ‍♂️
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Ashley Brown
I just got a burger and fries from there, the wait in the drive through was crazy and when I got my burger I took a bite out of it and it was cold. They put cold shredded cheese on my burger. I didn’t even know Wendy’s put shredded cheese on their burgers.
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Jose Maldonado
The young lady was nice but when I got my burger the meat was straight cold, it was like biting into Cold meatloaf. This is the 2nd time it’s happened and everytime I buy any chicken sandwich here the meat is just more rubber than anything. I gave this place alot of chances but I can’t do it anymore. The nastiness of this place made me had to write my first ever review!
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