Topps Bakery at Bronxville

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Enduring, family-owned bakery offering homemade breads & pastries along with custom cakes & candies.

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Tuesday7 AM–8 PM
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Address: 106 Pondfield Rd, Bronxville, NY 10708

Phone: (914) 337-4258


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Steve Van Leeuwen
Grandparents Revolt! I brought my 2.5 year old grandson here for donuts (they have bright colored sprinkles appealing to little people) and me for dinner bread, a savory and coffee. After eating donuts he wanted a little milk. I asked as the owner was as few feet away, the lady brought out a cup and a gallon of milk. I said just a little for he just needs to wash down the donut, she put in an inch worth and I sit down. She then says, I am ready to ring you up and charges me $1.50. I asked how much for a full cup she said $1.50. I looked at the owner who looked away. I did not buy the bread. I walked down to Lange’s deli and got a sandwich and told the owner about the milk… he was aghast! Stating, I’ll give that boy a whole cup of milk no charge! Of course we did not need it then (wife and I came back the next day and had a delicious rueben). We kept walking and went to OVDER so I could have a coffee. Without a word the lady there handed grandson a free cookie. So, Topps you made $1.50 from me but have cost yourself much more (probably $20 in bread for dinner as starters). I am a fair reviewer but two stars is the best I’ve got for other than what is mentioned above… the donuts were below that with dunkin. My grandson said they were dry. Go figure.
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Jeffrey Cutler
An iconic Bakery of Bronxville– Topps Bakery has been baking delicious cakes, cookies and every other pastry you can think of for over 80 years
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Picked up a cake for my mom’s birthday. Talk about fresh and delicious! The chocolate butter cream did not disappoint. Always delicious.
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Marsha Lee
Very tasty pastries.
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I wish I wasn’t so disappointed at this bakery after just one visit as I usually only review a place after a couple of visits. But my first-time experience just quickly deteriorated in just 10 min. I was happily greeted by a young girl as soon as I came in, but this was probably her very first job. The bakery offers a large variety of goods so I was scanning what was available. As I requested one thing, she would say things like, “Well are you gonna get anything else here (as in, this section) before I move on?” and “How many things are you gonna get?” Honestly, everything looked old and stale so it was hard for me to decide if I should bother. But, I wanted to help a small business. By the time I made my way to the register, I saw a sign that mentioned buying a gift card for local first responders, listing the area precincts, fire departments and such. Finally, something appealing. And gifting is a habit. As I was waiting for the girl to finish ringing up my 4 items so I could tell her to add on 10 gift cards at $10 each, I simply asked how they got the gift cards to the departments listed. The girl said, “Honestly I don’t know. Come back and I’m sure someone else can answer that.”. Although I’m in the area every week, I live in NYC. So… I think she got nervous at there being a line. But that was a flippant answer. After 30 min driving home, I open the box of pastries and see she didn’t even put lining.
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Stephanie Mayor
Inconsistent hours. They are not always open when they say they are open. the door is wide open and I walked in to purchase one item. I am told they are closed. I mentioned the sign says close at 6pm. It wasn’t 6pm yet. They repeated to tell me they are closed. Very frustrating.
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Ang S.
Very disappointed. Tried several baked goods from here on a whim. The chocolate babka, it was raw in the middle with a big bubble below the top. So essentially I got half a cake. The carrot cake slice, all I could taste is cinnamon and the icing was not great at all. The Napoleon slice, was mushy and soft, not flaky. The cream was tasteless. And the Profiteroles was also mushy and tasteless flavor. The service was also horrible from the young lady with curly hair, who had a serious attitude! Totally waste of money. And forgettable flavors. See picture of the babka slice.
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A Jo
I went here for a “Too Good to Go” order. It was just okay compared to some of the other bakeries I have visited. I received 3 muffins. It was Halloween, so I kind of expected to get one of the Halloween pastries or cookies at least. I didn’t pay the normal price for the muffins so it wasn’t so bad , not a bakery I would visit again though. Customer Service was blah too.
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Celeste Stumpo
Friendly staff, amazing baked goods. Extremely generous with the jelly in the jelly donuts. Cinnamon sugar bread to die for. Rainbow cookies are unbelievably good. Crumb buns are the best around. I can go on and on…
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Jared L
Fairly overpriced, but I guess that’s to be expected in Bronxville, and their products are just decent, nothing great.
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