The Halal Shack

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Address: 1 Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95112



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San Diego, CA. Opening Soon. Oakland University … San Jose, CA. Opening Soon. Opening Soon … University of California, Riverside. Riverside, CA.

The Halal Shack

Authentic Middle Eastern Street Food⁣


Mohid Shaikh
Ok hear me out. This isn’t the gyro platter you expect from Halal Guys or any other gyro place. They put all sort of toppings (obv your choice) to make it taste Mexican. They ask for brown rice or white rice! And not the famous orange coloured rice we usually get in gryo platter. My point is, it is definitely Halal but the taste comes out to be Mexican. Maybe I should request them to put more White sauce
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Trupti Lokhande
Halal shack has got some delicious healthy food options at affordable prices convenient to students. I personally love the chicken rice bowl with all the fresh veggies toppings and their signature hot white sauce!
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Tarun Vegi
I personally like halal shack very much. The spice level in the food gives mouth watering moment. And the chicken they use is very good in taste.
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So good! Portions could be better, but overall my rice bowl was delicious!
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Aya Abdul Hasan
The food is really good I can’t get enough of the hot white sauce and the service was fast
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Kat b
Pretty gimiky, which what ever. It just wasn’t very tasty, and the naan crumbles in their ‘burrito
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Angel To’omata
Food is absolutely amazing! Check out the new chickpea korma!!
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Jamal Rasoully
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