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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 408 State Highway 149 North in Earle. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic burritos and tacos, to new favorites like the $5 Double Stacked Tacos Box, Crunchwrap Supreme, Fiesta Taco Salad, and Chalupa Supreme. So come inside, or visit our drive-thru. You can also order online and skip our line inside.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

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Taco Bell in Earle, Arkansas – 408 State Highway 149 North

Find your nearby Taco Bell at 408 State Highway 149 North in Earle, AR. We’re open early for breakfast and our drive-thru is open late for all your midnight …

Taco Bell Locations in Earle, Arkansas

Select your Taco Bell in Earle, AR for favorites like burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and tacos. Customize your order now to skip our line inside!

Restaurant Near Me in Earle, AR – 408 State Highway 149 North

Enjoy your next meal at a Taco Bell restaurant near you at 408 State Highway 149 North in Earle, AR.


leroy gomez
Young black Lady with blonde hair said the Pizza Hut was closed. She walked out from behind counter and went outside with her friends to hang out. There was only breadsticks in the heater. She said they don’t have anything to make pizzas or pastas anyways. She was rude. Shouldn’t leave a Pizza Hut unattended.
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Bev McGinnis
They didn’t even cut the quesadilla. It takes forever to get someone to take your order and no one is even in line. They stand there and look at you waiting but don’t care. They’re rude to customers. Don’t waste your time.
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Jelly Garza
Employees were sitting on the counter and on their phones. my cashier walked slowly towards me before putting up her phone. No eye contact, greeting or asking “how can I help you?”. I greeted and told her my order. Only words she said to me were, “what else..” and “twenty-two, twenty-eight..”. Food came out quickly. Presentation and taste were adequate but very greasy. Had to get an employee to move off the counter to get hot sauce. The entire crew were unprofessional in every way. It questions if the kitchen and food made was up to code. Restructuring is needed before anyone should eat here.
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My worst experience ever eaten at a Taco Bell had so much lettuce on my soft tacos you couldn’t even find the meat the pillows and cheese were like glue no spoons only a fork tried to charge me $18 and change for three soft tacos and a pinto and cheese definitely will never eat in this one again
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marcus Coleman
This place has a new General Manager and she’s AWESOME!! She came in and cleaned the place up, very nice and courteous. Food is back on point. Still have things to improve on and she’s getting it done. Good looking TA!!!!!
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Sergio Suarez
I been here three times around opening. Even though they open at the advertised time, they are bust doing inventories and prep work for up to an hour after they “open”
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Momma P
My husband and I placed an order and 4 people ordered after us. We watched as each of them were given their orders. My husband asked if they had forgotten about us? They said someone took our order. My husband was standing right where they hand the orders to the customer and I was sitting at a table listening and watching. They never called our name and nobody took an order unless their name was called. As more people placed orders and were given their food my husband again said something. They again said someone had taken our food. They said it was Mitch but Mitch had been called and took his order only to bring it back because something was missing. My husband went to the drink machine to get his diet Pepsi and it was only coming out as water so he went to the machine across and same thing with the diet coke. He told them and they said it wasn’t their problem to find a manager. We sat down with our food finally and all the tacos were in pieces and soggy. Not to mention the attitude of the people working here!!! I contacted taco bell via phone and told the lady what had taken place and her only focus was to ask if two $5 vouchers for the tacos would be okay because of the condition of the tacos. Taco bell has taken a severe decline in the service and food they provide at most locations but I would strongly discourage everyone from visiting this particular location.
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Omar Ruiz
Came here on 03/11/23 they had a sign that will be closed by 8 pm but it was 7:25 and they had closed already, that sucks.
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Paul Shamblin
It’s bad enough you have to wait on the food, but when you get it it’s not right. When I said I was going to check it I started getting attitude. On the back was picked up and slammed on the counter disrespectedly to me I just asked for my money back. Whether I get it or not we will see but I would not want these people to remake my food. Who knows what they might put in it.
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Kayla S
Honestly, no restaurant in this TA had their stuff together. The guy at the counter didn’t even know if they were open or closed, but at least he was nice about asking and taking the order. However they were out of everything- and I mean everything. No lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sour cream, nachos, can’t make quesadillas- like I said everything. Food was half decent only having three ingredients but seriously let down.
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