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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 1670 General Booth Blvd in Virginia Beach. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

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Wednesday7 AM–3 AM
Thursday7 AM–3 AM
Friday7 AM–3 AM
Saturday7 AM–3 AM
Sunday7 AM–3 AM
Monday7 AM–3 AM
Tuesday7 AM–3 AM

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Address: 1670 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: (757) 721-2517



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David Cargill
Went through the drive thru and tried to order the $5 cravings box that I just got yesterday. Attendant tells me they don’t do that anymore. It’s still on the menu and I informed her of that. She got an attitude. First, if it’s on the menu I’m pretty sure you have to give it at the advertised price on the menu. Second, no need to be rude.
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Elizabeth A
Work ethic and having any kind of pride in the job one does is obviously not a trait anyone in this establishment possesses. We recently moved to this area and the few times we’ve ordered here we were missing a whole combo (there’s only 3 of us) or the combos are missing the main item, and the one we did receive…the burrito was BURNT. Never going here again, whoever runs this place isn’t doing their job either to allow the service this place gives. Ridiculous. Will not be returning.
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Nichole Robinette
first off it’s taco bell, you know what you’re getting food wise. but on the other side of the coin the service was horrible. my husband and I walked in and tried to order from the 4 people up front and was met with “if you wanna order then use the kiosk ” OK fine, no problem. but while waiting for our lunch we had to listen to the crew talk about how they don’t want to be a franchise store even though they pay about $3 more an hour. we get our food and sit down to eat and have to hear the crew cuss each other out and speak about very personal matters. I could completely understand if this was still covid rules but the lobby was open and there were other customers with children that ended up walking out. there seems to be a complete lack of management in this store.
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Kaleb Kaine
Ordered online…waited 10 mins then walked across the parking lot (work in same shopping center) and doors were locked. Used the “I’m here” button in app…my estimated time went to 2½hrs later. Caught an employee coming out and asked about my online order she said “I don’t know anything about online orders.” Used the app again to “contact us”…explained the issue and selected to be contacted…was never contacted but 10 mins got notification my order was ready. Went back and had to walk around to drive threw window and knock to get my food.
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Kenton Bradford
Typical fast food BS like forgetting drinks or sauces now and then and can’t handle a line longer than 3 cars without gridlock traffic… BUT MY GOD if it isn’t almost always top tier tasty (compared to MANY other Taco Bells)…
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Christina Marie
Everything was prepared correctly, but they forgot the main item in the speciality grilled cheese taco box and it was a bummer because it was for Dad. We couldn’t go back and get him a replacement because we already had plans. I paid for that and we waited 20 mins in the drive thru line. It took extremely long to get our order and for it to be wrong really made me upset. I don’t recommend this location if you’re in a hurry or expect to receive everything in a timely manner. Unfortunately, it was a bad experience for us. Plus once you’re in the drive thru line you can’t get out.
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Mariecar Padua Bowers
I’ve gone to this Taco Bell since I moved to the area but through the years, especially recently they have started reducing the meat in the food we order. Today was the worse experience, I ordered a crunch wrap supreme and noticed that one side was flatter than the other so I opened the wrap and found that half of it did not have meat?!
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Karen Sykes
Went to get a Mexican pizza tonight. Was informed they ran out of beef. Apparently asking for beans only with extra cheese was a little to tricky for these guys. 20 minutes later they handed the bag out the window with a coupon for a free taco. When I asked what took so long the cashier responded with”they overlooked your order” what a joke! No beef at a taco place then can’t pay attention to the orders on the screen!!
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David Dyal
No cashier available. Had to order by a kiosk only. There were 2 kiosks and only one worked. There appeared to be 5 workers standing around with one actually preparing all the orders. Not sure what the rest were doing.
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Andre Newton
5th time I walk up to order food (don’t own a car and don’t wanna pay delivery fee when the store is 400ft away) AND THE DOORS ARE LOCKED. Short staff?? Not needed. There are two terminals for placing orders inside but THE DOORS ARE REGULARLY LOCKED. picking up a dash order??? Too bad, doors are locked. Wendys does the same thing. Why!?
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