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Find your nearby Taco Bell at 3708 Virginia Beach Blvd in Virginia Beach. We’re serving all your favorite menu items, from classic tacos and burritos, to new favorites like the Crunchwrap Supreme and Cheesy Gordita Crunch. Order ahead online or on the mobile app for pick up at the restaurant or get it delivered.

Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos.

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Address: 3708 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 463-3543

Website: https://locations.tacobell.com/va/virginia-beach/3708-virginia-beach-blvd.html?utm_source=yext&utm_campaign=googlelistings&utm_medium=referral&utm_term=004526&utm_content=website&y_source=1_NjE0MzkyNi03MTUtbG9jYXRpb24ud2Vic2l0ZQ%3D%3D

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Tyler Herndon
Right at 10pm, the drive-thru was at complete gridlock for close to 10-minutes, but I guess it was just a lot of big orders. No big deal, enjoying time with my wife. But, still, it’s Taco Bell and it’s affordable for the amount you get.
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Delrus Simmons
I’ve been to a quite a few Taco Bells in my time but never one like this, Mr. Bob took our experience to a different level of customer service. We are visting from out of town and my wife wanted a quick bite to eat, from the time we ordered to the time we left this location it was never a dull moment. I myself work in a field where customer service is important, and can easily depict when the customer service is trained and scripted and I also know when you just have a genuine good kind heart and a love for people. Mr. Bob please continue to be that light that this world needs and keep spreading love and happiness. If I’m ever in town again I will be sure to come see Mr. Bob. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic experience. Not enough stars here to give you what you deserve. (Please make sure that he reads this I want him to know that his interaction with us was one to remember)
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Blythe Boyd
I visited this Taco Bell on my lunch break and have never felt more disrespected. I sat in the drive through for about 15 minutes before it was my turn to order. When it was my turn the employee informed me that they were only accepting cash because the card reader was down. I responded by asking a few questions about how I could order if I didn’t have cash or if I could order through the app & come in to get my food. Her response was that “I could but the doors would be locked” & then she proceeded to be very disrespectful in response to some of my other questions. I let them know they may want to have someone come outside and let the line know this because it was wrapped around the building & her response to me was “well that’s because you’re holding up the line” I then got frustrated and let her know just how rude that was to say and she responded with “bye” and would no longer answer me over the speaker. I called the restarting to speak with a manager because of how I was treated. The same employee answered & I asked to speak with the manager. she told me “sorry I’m not sure who the manager is but I can already guess who you are & you have a problem.” Then proceeded to hang up on me. When I tried calling back they would not answer. I work in the service industry and am aware that technical difficulties can be difficult but treating a paying customer like this is unacceptable. I went next door to McDonalds and received the best service. I will no longer use this location. There is another location 5 minutes up the road in Town Center. I suggest going their instead.
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Duncan Guthrie
Used to be my favorite place to grab a quick meal. Now it takes upwards of thirty minutes to get my meal (even using the app) when there are only like 3 cars in line. Severe understaffing issues. Food is still bomb when you can get it. Also, I ordered breakfast on the app (which said you open at 7, same as your storefront and google) and I waited 30 minutes at the window just to be told they weren’t open yet despite the fact it was 745. Maybe change your sign then?
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Robert Stallings
Mexican pizza is back! ….and out of stock. Still, good choice of other items. You already know what the food is like, but the service was great. Quickly greeted, order taken and food was ready quickly.
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Nathan Jones
Where do I start? Came here to get a free Mexican Pizza. Yes, it was free and I’m complaining, which should tell you how bad this Taco Bell is. First, the live business tracker says as busy as it gets. I’m literally the only one here at 645pm, and drive thru is empty. The dining room is obnoxiously filthy like it hasn’t been cleaned in several days, floors and tables. It took about 5 minutes for someone to acknowledge my presence and I told them I was getting the Mexican Pizza. I had to order on the app to get the free redemption, and it came out suspiciously fast. When I received it, it was cold and had very obviously been made in advance. So I asked for a new one. They brought another one out in under a minute, confirming they are most definitely pre-making them here. Since I was hungry, I went ahead and ate it. The beef, beans, sauce, and cheese only covered a small portion in the middle, leaving about a 2 inch ring of empty shell all the way around. The beans were dry like they’d sat a long time, even the sauce was dry. This location clearly has a we really don’t care about our guests feel to it. Avoid it and go to literally any other location.
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Jon S
Ordered the #6 Chicken Chalupas. Both were filled with lettuce and cheese.. no chicken and hardly any sour cream. You just stole from me is what happened.
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Jeff Galloway
This is possibly the worst drive thru I’ve ever been to. The line was around the store and did not move for 15 minutes. I don’t understand how anything related to fast food could move this slowly, but if you’re in a hurry do yourself a favor and go elsewhere
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James “ChefJuggalo” Mattox
Been to this Taco Bell many of times over the past 30 plus years. Taco Bell’s been here long as I’ve been around gone through many changes always seem to have good food good service and when you don’t they’re easy to fix it. Loving the new restaurant keep up the great work many thumbs up 5 stars
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Multiple times I’ve received my food and it looks like it was thrown against the wall. For example: this crunchwrap only has filling on one half. Why? How? Do you just not care? Just don’t bother y’all, just go five minutes down the street to another one.
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