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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 1101 US-24, Woodland Park, CO 80863

Phone: (719) 686-1836


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Ezekiel G
Loved it was stuck on an old favorite, but i have a new one thanks to one of your workers. She got me on a cinnamon type cappuccino. Thank you
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sherry wilkerson
I will say it again! I love Starbucks!!! They are an awesome place to be!!! Keep up the good work Starbucks!!!
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Chauncey Morris
Always love how convienent they are located to Hwy 24. Always local folks working the counters and friendly. Takes no time to get your order and back on the road. Great location.
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Absentminded Angel
Delicious. Never have had a bad drink or food from here.: 5/5  |  : 5/5  |  : 5/5 …
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Zoë Watson
The new set up is really cool and fancy. The woman working named Angela was extremely rude, impatient, sarcastic, and nasty to us as we ordered. She was unable to do what we were asking (load money onto a card) and continuously got more frustrated with us for whatever technical issues were happening or for whatever reason she couldn’t perform the task. Because of this, we ended up leaving with no drinks and a very cold goodbye from Angela. Before we left, I asked her for her name to which she responded “My name is Angela, what? Do you want to speak to a manager?” in a mocking tone. I told her that I really just wanted to know why she was being so rude. She got immediately defensive and told me that she “wasn’t being rude. I have helped you this entire time and did everything you asked” Well, we left with no drinks and no money on our card so, no, she did not do a single thing we asked. This experience was one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Not only did we feel completely disrespected and mistreated, but our first experience at our favorite Starbucks was ruined by the horrible attitude of Angela.
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Daniel Anthony (Snowcrash)
It’s a Starbucks. They are pretty consistent with their quality wherever they may be located. Yummy as usual and practically should be made a crime or free. lol Now I want a frozen coffee so, yes they have good quality.
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Lisa Pitts
Friendly staff. Nice with convenience of being in the grocery store. Grab a drink treat and then shop. Grocery baskets even have cupholders so easy to enjoy drink while shopping. Thank you for such a convenient location. ☺
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clark brooklyn
the new setup looks amazing! but the experience was incredibly negative. the traveling manager angela was super rude, gave a lot of attitude, and wouldn’t fix the problems she caused. we stood there for a half hour trying to simply get our drinks and refill our registered account with money to pay for the drinks, and apparently that was impossible. we do this every single week, so it made no sense that it didn’t work like it does every week. afterwards, we finally left without drinks and not knowing if that money we spent ever showed up in our account or what. we went to the drive-thru starbucks in town after and they were super nice, fixed all the problems, and gave us drinks on the house — a special thank-you chris the manager at the drive-thru starbucks and trystan for being so kind and helpful in this! i would say to not go to the safeway starbucks in woodland park unless you want to be disrespected and turned away without reparations.
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Judyth-Johanna “JJ” Ojeda
Last visit they got my order wrong and fixed it right on the spot. The majority of the staff are very friendly (one or two have thin lines that break every now and again and snap at ppl, but hey! Not everyone’s perfect right?) Other than that, love my coffee and treats, so does my pup.
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