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Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites and WiFi availability.

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Address: 690 Center Point Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: (512) 558-2222



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Candy’s Garden
Very spacious inside. Friendly, & informative customer service. Got the Grande Java Chip Frappuccino that was annoyingly smackaliciously GOOD!
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Paul Jones
Is this just another Starbucks sure but… it is the people who work here that make this place such a treat. They are always so warm and welcoming. They crew that works there mid-day is always so fun and ask you fun little questions at the drive through. The people are absolutely amazing and friendly!
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Kennedy Hearn
The employees here are always so nice and doing their absolute best even when it’s super busy. Had an issue with a drink I’d ordered earlier in the day and they were super quick to correct the problem. Genuinely the best store and I always come to this one when I’m wanting coffee.
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Worst Starbucks ever. I’ve been to a wide variety of Starbucks across the US and always mobile order just because its convenient. I was never accused of stealing my own mobile order until today though. Usually you come in and grab your receipt but the barista demanded I show her my receipt. Not quite sure if it was a race thing but to be sure ill stick to my normal local coffee shops. The drink was all milk as well.
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Monica Amaya
I put in a mobile order while sitting inside. The app said it would be ready in 15 minutes. 20 minutes pass by and I notice people who walked in and put in an order at the register were getting their drinks before me. I went to the register and she said mobile orders usually take 30 minutes to be ready. 20 more minutes pass by (total 40 minutes after putting in order) I go back to the register and I am told they are still working on it. I finally had to ask for a refund after spending 45 minutes in there. I walked out with nothing but a headache. I understand they are very busy due to other Starbucks being closed but they need to do a better job at making the drinks in the order they are ordered via mobile, in person, or drive thru.
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drizzy drake
i’m sorry but if someone orders a shaken espresso with extra ice and extra shots, and you not only DON’T shake it, but put 5 ice cubes in the drink and fill it to the brim with milk so the shots and syrups are nearly unrecognizable in the taste of the drink, you need to either train your partners better or stop putting people on bar who are either lazy or don’t know how to make drinks to standard. this is the 3rd time in a row i’ve had my drink completely botched at this location and i won’t be coming back, which is upsetting because i work right down the road. call me a karen if you want but if i’m paying over $6 for one coffee i’m absolutely going to expect quality. it’s really not hard to make drinks correctly. i worked there for 4 years. it’s. really. not. hard.
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felicia reyes
Went through the drive through. I have gone through it many times. It’s one of the worst ones I’ve been to. Don’t get me wrong, the service was excellent and I appreciate how nice and friendly the baristas were on such a busy day. The problem has to do with the actual drive through. With as busy as it gets you would think they would not have the drive-thru line go through the parking lot where people park but separate. It’s so congested. Once you get to the actual window, you have to do a sharp right so you don’t hit the barrier in order to get out. How is that safe in any way? What’s on the other side of the barrier? Outdoor seating. Why are people sitting out there breathing in fumes from overheating cars at the end of a drive-thru?
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Tatiana Pena Martinez
If I can give negative stars I would because the customer service was absolutely terrible. I ordered my drink through the drive thru and as I gave her my order, she scoffed. She overall sounded negative and sarcastic which I didn’t appreciate. My drink tasted like her energy… trash. I get it, people have bad days but brotha you work at a Starbucks. All I’m saying is, Allison if you’re reading this, attitude check. PERIOD. Take a night shift to cool off playa
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Margarita Vann
Worst starbucks ever. I asked for a venti dragon fruit refresher with extra base. They made a tall drink when I said I ordered the venti the kid at the window poured the drink into a venti cup and topped it off with ice. The drink had no flavor what so ever. Never going to this location again.
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Driscoll Otto
Placed a mobile order and it’s took 33 minutes to get a coffee.
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