Rodger’s Dairy Freeze

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Address: 1 State St, Mt Pleasant, UT 84647

Phone: (435) 462-2623



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Rodger’s Dairy Freeze- Casual Dining in Mt Pleasant Utah.

Rodger’s Dairy Freeze Mount Pleasant, UT 84647 – Restaurantji

The burgers are delicious. The fries are crispy and fresh, and the pie shakes are absolutely magical. Just might be my favorite shake in Utah.

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We know american food like the back of our hand. Here at Rodger’s Dairy Freeze we bring you into our world of culinary expertise and provide you with a …


Kim Elggren
The food at Rodger’s Dairy Freeze is delicious. Their fries were crispy and yummy. The hamburgers were so tasty. The scones they brought to the table were so good. I would go back just for the scones.
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Weston LeBaron
The shakes are good, but surprisingly, their strength lies in their burgers. I got the Western bacon burger and it’s seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Their fries are also pretty great, however, I’d go with their Piccadilly chips which just melt in your mouth.
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Andrea Walton
Best Turkey club I have ever eaten. Real roasted Turkey (not sliced/processed Turkey) thick ham, awesome cheese toast bread. Onion rings were great too. Everyone in my family was happy with their food. Will definitely return anytime we are passing through.
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Zachariah Lundberg
This place is delicious. As one who isn’t from a small town, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find any decent food around here…. That was a bad judgement. Dairy Freeze exceeded my expectations – which, to be fair, we’re low. I had a mushroom bacon burger with fries and we also got a shake. Both super tasty. We will be back!
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Daynene Snyder
Love love their food. You get little scones with every purchase and they are worth the visit. Yummy pie shakes with real pie. They are always out of teriyaki chicken, and I want to try it hopefully next time.
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Casey Lockwood
Worth any detour it may take to get here. The burgers are delicious. The fries are crispy and fresh, and the pie shakes are absolutely magical. Just might be my favorite shake in Utah.
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Crysta McFarland
There’s a little bit of a wait and trust me, IT’S WORTH IT!!!! Amazing food and wonderful employees! Best burger I’ve had in a very long time!
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Joe Romero
Pretty tasty diner. The restaurant atmosphere was nice and cozy. We were greeted warmly upon arriving and were promptly served drinks. My meal was the peppered steak sandwich, which turned out to be a great choice that was suggested by our waitress. The beef in the sandwich was genuine and had great flavor and texture, with a good balance of peppers and onions. The only reason I give 4 stars is the sandwich was a little small for the price I paid. I will come back and try some other menu options for sure.
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Javier Aguirre
A great place to eat.The flavor of the food is very good, everything we tasted was fresh and clean! Our server was very professional and friendly.
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Jess Cornwell
Didn’t seem overly busy but the wait was pretty long for fast food. The portion of fries didn’t seem overly generous.
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