Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

  3.1 – 268 reviews  $ • Chicken restaurant

Louisiana-inspired fast-food chain known for its spicy fried chicken, biscuits & sides.

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Popeyes®, Where Slow Cooking Meets Louisiana Fast®- Our menu features our famous Bonafide® Chicken,… 1470 N Falls Blvd., Wynne, AR 72396.

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Worst Popeyes I’ve ever been to portions are small weight is too long half the time the Lobby is closed when it is advertised open. Definitely would not …


r o’Kane
I rarely ever attempt to eat here because I try to avoid fried food. However, about every three months I decide to have a fried chicken cheat day. Or I attempt to. I can’t even give an honest review of the food at the restaurant due to the employees apparently deciding their own hours. Out of my 5 last attempts to get food at between 6:00 pm and 6:45 pm, I have been successful once. The other times, I have been informed by an employee the drive through service PA or someone opening the window as I walk towards the door that they are closed. On the last attempt, May 8, 2023, I had placed a mobile order (and paid in advance) to avoid the abhorrent wait times, I was told the same thing, we are closed. I asked what kind of restaurant closes at dinner time? They told me that if they don’t have enough workers they close. This has occurred numerous times over the last few years. No more often than I go to the restaurant either I have terrible luck or the employees arbitrarily decide when the restaurant is open regularly at any point in the day. My advice is don’t waste your time. I won’t do it again. Even the corporate customer service phone number doesn’t seem to ever be open. You just stay on hold perpetually. Shame really. I like their food.
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Toney Webb
Great tasting food. Sides are often mixed up and usually have to wait an unusually long time at the drive through window. That is often the reason I don’t go there. Once again good food but don’t go there if you are on a time frame.
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Lisa Jackson
I was on my lunch break & ordered 8 nuggets only. The girl double charged me & when I brought it to her attention, she said “oh wait” & then told me the correct amount. I paid, then she told me it was going to be 3 minutes on the nuggets & was that ok. I agreed. She had me pull up to wait. I waited about 10 minutes & went inside. The lady told me the grease wasn’t hot, so it was going to be about 3 min longer. About 10 min later, I was heading back inside to check again & the lady met me & said it was 1 more min. I waited…about 5 min & when the girl came out with my nuggets. I told her I was about to come in & get my money back & she said “ma’am, I’m not the cook”, instead of “I’m so sorry”. Terrible Wynne Popeyes! I won’t be back.
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Michael Woodyard
You sit in line because they still have the inside closed. Terrible service. Maybe if they would treat the staff like they are human beings they would be happy to work again…. fix the problems and ill revise my review
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They always take too long for an order and no one is in the parking lot this happens every time I go no matter what time of the day that it is no matter what hour….
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Luci Proulx
Constantly cheating you on your meal. Ordered 8pc family bundle, large mash potatoes, add large mac, and a side of gravy. Got home looked at my meal, 4 thighs, 4 legs, half a container of mashed potatoes, and hard as a brick mac n cheese. In the bundle you get 2 breast, two wings, two tighs, and two legs. If they were out of white meat they could of said something. I don’t know why I keep going there. Forrest city has way better quality.
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Popeyes is know for its party in your mouth flavor when it comes to chicken. This location must be forgetting some spices because for the third time we’ve gotten bland chicken. The rest of our food was fine. The workers are kind of hit and miss and the wait time in drive thru is average. The location is right along the hwy. Come on Wynn!!! We still believe in you guys.
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David Lloyd
Order always wrong. Ordered a 12 piece, chicken only. Didn’t look at it before I left. Got home and got 5 thighs, 5 legs, and 2 wings. Not 1 breast. Next time I ordered an 8 piece, chicken only. They said they were out of legs. Told them to give me an extra breast and thigh to make up for the 2 legs they didn’t have. Didn’t pay attention to the receipt. Got home, looked at the receipt and they charged $1.09 for the extra breast but nothing for the extra thigh I got. Last time the chicken had absolutely no seasoning at all.
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Mary Hatcher
If I could give them a zero star I would.. I ordered the 8 piece chicken… I got no biscuits, regular order of fries(was supposed to be a large side) because they were out of mashed potatoes… the Cole slaw smelled and tasted of pickle juice…. the phone number on website is disconnected and the number on receipt no one will answer and the mailbox is full…. the girl that took my order got it wrong more times than right and failed to know they were out of mashed potatoes…
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Jonnie Sharp
My Daughter ordered her Dinner yesterday around 2:45, so she would have it to warm in the microwave at work!!!! She ordered chicken tender meal.. rushing to work she didn’t look at her order! For it should have been right anyways!!!! Around 7 pm last night she went on her dinner break, to find out that it infact was 2 chicken breast well she only-begotten has 30 min and can’t leave her work place company rule’s!!!! Just to bite into the chicken and blood come out….she called up there the woman on the phone was really rude, and ask her who she thought she was talking to..
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