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Find your nearby Pizza Hut® at 10334 Bristow Center Drive in Bristow, VA. You can try, but you can’t OutPizza the Hut. We’re serving up classics like Meat Lovers® and Original Stuffed Crust® as well as signature wings, pastas and desserts at many of our locations. Order online or on the mobile app for carryout, curbside or delivery.

Popular delivery, carry-out & dine-in chain known for pizza, wings & pasta, plus sides & desserts.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery ✔️ No dine-in Pizza Hut 20136


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Address: 10334 Bristow Center Dr, Bristow, VA 20136

Phone: (703) 257-9377


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Freddy Solis
Pizza Hut is my favorite fast food place to eat. Expensive chicken wings, but I love them. I wished I had a coupon before going there. Next time, I guess. The chicken wings were delicious and very fulfilling.
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Greg Pardo
Sad, decaying service. Me and my family have been ordering from this location for many years. It’s my son’s favorite pizza by far. However, in the past month this location has bumbled an order for pizza for my son’s birthday party and they just bumbled an order I placed tonight to feed people I was entertaining at my house. In the first instance, I got hung up on when I called to place an order, after being on the call for several minutes. Tonight I received what seemed like prompt service, but then only 2 of 3 pizzas were delivered. When I called to complain I was told I only ordered 2. When I explained specifically what I ordered, the lady who answered said I would get a credit tomorrow for the pizza I did not receive, and that was it. That is unacceptable for a service-based business. I will NOT be ordering from this location again. I highly recommend you do not either. BTW, I never post reviews on businesses.
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Joe Turner
So there is a Pizza Hut that is closer to me than this one in Bristol, VA, but I ALWAYS choose this one to order pizza from because the quality, service and speediness of my order is amazing EVERY SINGLE TIME! I have never been disappointed with any order from this location! It’s so very easy to tell that they take their time and intentionally send out quality every time!!
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So I’ve ordered here 3 times now. My last 2 orders have been wrong. 1st was they ran out the 2 liter bottles of pepsi max and instead gave me 3 20oz bottles which is less than a 2 liter so a rip-off. Bo call to ask if that was okay or if I wanted to swap for a different soda. Was promised a credit and never got it. Newest was they gave me regular pepsi when I ordered diet. I’m allergic to HFCS in regular pepsi. It’s been 14 hours and I’m still dealing with the reaction. I was told I would be getting a credit. Haven’t seen it added yet. My pizza also arrived all smushed up from poor handling. Not a big deal, but still not a good job. I also had to call from a different phone because when I called on my phone, my calls were rejected multiple times. Same woman answered both times. This is ridiculous because when my mom orders to the same location, it’s always perfect. Idk why this has happened twice now
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Daniel Clay
will never order here again. ordered $80 worth of food for delivery and the driver got stuck at the train tracks and promised me when the train was gone they would remake my order and bring it out. called after the train left and told the manager and she said well the food isn’t that cold. I said I wanted it remade its been over an hour. she just kept saying it isn’t that cold so I said okay then cancel my order. she promptly HUNG UP ON ME. we called back and got the same girl and asked to speak to the manager, waited 10 minutes for the exact same girl to come back on the phone and tell us that she hung up because we canceled our order. now we have to wait 3 business days for our order to he refunded and still have to go get food. do not order from here I urge you. this place is a heap of garbage and deserves to go out of business
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Hannah Havens
If I could give zero stars I would. Ordered delivery the big box with four 20oz bottles of soda. When the delivery arrived they forgot my soda I get that things happen I work in a restaurant as well. But when I called the store to get a refund for the sodas I did not receive a lady picked up the phone and I asked to speak to a manager she put me on hold and pretended to be the manager I called her out on it and she didn’t respond for a couple seconds and said I can only receive 10 dollar score credit. I don’t want store credit I want my actual money back for the part of the order I did not receive. What makes you think I’m going to come back to ur location if you treat your customers with such disrespect.
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Mary Wichers
Hands down the best pizza we’ve had from anywhere recently. Nothing wrong with the places we’ve ordered from before, but for some reason this was exceptional last night. Perfect amount of toppings without having to double up, cooked perfectly, delivered sooo quick, and it was HOT, like right out of the oven HOT. Last time one was brought to me like that I had to be in a restaurant, never one delivered. Thank you to all the staff that were on shift last night. Great Job!!
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Seth B
Got delivery and they messed up my order so I called to get a refund for missing items. Whoever answered the phone wouldn’t give me their name and when I asked to speak to a manager THEY PAUSED THEN DEEPENED THEIR VOICE TO PRETEND TO BE A MANAGER????? I do not know why I couldn’t speak to a manager about a refund or why they can only do store credit for THEIR mistake. Very very disappointing. Not ordering from here again.
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Beth Wright
Ordered pizza for a birthday lunch for my boss. Food was good and the pizzas were made to order. Also ordered 12 wings which were mostly drums. The total was close to 80 dollars including tip. The only gripe I have is that they do not give you any dipping sauces without paying .75 per sauce. I figured you would get at least one per 6pc order of wings but nope. Not a single dipping sauce, or any parmesan cheese, peppers, napkins or anything. If you order online I would call after placing your order if you would like any extras.
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Tracy Terwilliger
Quick prepation and promt service. Food is hot when you pick up.
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