Panda Express

  3.8 – 324 reviews  $ • Chinese restaurant

Fast-food chain for Chinese standards, including some health-conscious options.

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Address: 10689 Sudley Manor Dr, Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: (703) 330-3721


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Brad Bouck
This place has lost another customer. We ate here very often. Recently it’s been an absolute waste of my money. I am contacting corporate I’m personally fed up. Horrible service 30 minutes before closing told me they would not make egg rolls for me even though multiple people in line said they would like some as well. They only had soy sauce said that they didn’t have anymore sauce except that in stock. I ate here last night as well. The food was soggy an hour and a half before close. Also told us the bathrooms were closed for the night a hr and a half before close. I will never go back to this location.
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Michael Cheung
Pretty standard Panda Express. No issues for me. Clean and good portion sizes. Parking is a little congested with tight corners. Overall, good like normal Panda.
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Jessica Edwards
I don’t understand what is going on at this location. I’ve gone to other panda express’ before and they r fully stocked or willing to make the dish that I want if it isn’t available. I walked into this location at 9 and was told that what was available was all they had. Which wasn’t much. No egg rolls or spring rolls. Burnt Rangoons. Not willing to make anything I wanted. Was told it’s because they close soon. 30 FREAKIN MINUTES FROM CLOSING TIME!!! Then my brother in law asked to use the bathroom and they told him they close the bathrooms at 830. Why would u close a restroom an hour before u close the actual restaurant?!?! And as I was sitting outside eating the food I didn’t really want. A lady bought something from inside and forgot napkins. Then when she tried to run back in they had locked the doors already. At freaking 920. Yall still have 10 mins left of being open. That is supposed to be your job. To serve food from a certain time until a certain time. I was a server and I understand wanting to be done and going home as soon as u close, but unfortunately you can’t always do that at a restaurant bc of people coming in so close to closing. I just don’t understand why they behave this way?!?! I really love panda and live so close to this location and it’s super disappointing that this happens each time I come here late. I will not be coming here any more. AND THAT DEEPLY SADDENS ME BC I LOVE PANDA! I’m supremely disappointed…. ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️
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Karen W
Bad service!!! I bought a kids meal that is two dishes in one for my daughter. I asked for a little chow Mein”cause I was going to buy another style food for me and share with my daughter. During waiting for another dish, my daughter said she wanted more Chow Mein, so I asked for taking off beef and adding more Chow Mein. However, they keep saying it’s only a kids meal and force me to buy a regular size. Is there any wrong of switching Beef to Chow Mein? I don’t need any suggestions of size I need.
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I decided on Chinese for dinner and thought i’d try Panda Express for a change. Food was acceptable, but kind of bland. The portions, based on what i usually pay for chinese food for dinner were small. While I would normally get a packed pint of fried rice, i got way less than 1/2. The main entree portions were enough for the meal, but my usual go to for chinese food, it would been enough for 2 meals and possibly 3. The rangoon we simply a speck of filling and overfried.
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Laura Ortega
The food here is really good.Fresh ans tasty.The only reason why I give 4 stars is because the soda machine was broken so nothing to drink.
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Nina Thomas
The BEST service ever!!! May made my week she made 18 of the most delicious food it was fresh, hot, 100% correct and quick. We are building a 2.5 million gallon tank for the city and our team members are away from home, so when our company has a chance to bless them a meal that feels like it was made with love and fresh ingredients is much appreciated. Thank you Panda Express team!!!!
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RoMo Ruiz
Always banging. Hasn’t disappointed yet except for when I declined to donate my change once; in which case the cashier seemed to have been bothered by. Either way the food won’t let you down
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Liliana Figueroa
Your server May C took food off my plate after I have already paid. I was confused why she did that If I paid for it. I even wait more then 10min for the grilled chicken just so she can do that. She’s a bad server don’t think my family will be going there again.
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paru Lama
Im a regular here every lunch break i sit and eat here but today the lady at the checkout was rude
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