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In every Me-n-Ed’s location, we create the perfect atmosphere for people to talk, share, and make lasting memories. Whether it’s getting together with friends to watch the game on our large-screen TV’s, meeting another craft beer lover at the self-pour taps at Me-n-Ed’s On Tap to exchange notes on new favorites or catching lunch with coworkers during the workweek, Me-n-Ed’s is a place people can enjoy together. Everything from our family-style seating to our party rooms, game rooms, in-store entertainment system, and self-pour beer wall at our On Tap pizzerias, makes people feel welcome.

Easygoing chain offering specialty brick-oven pizzas & sandwiches in a basic setting.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery Me n ed's Pizzeria 93245


Friday11 AM–11 PM
Saturday11 AM–11 PM
Sunday11 AM–10 PM
(Labor Day)
11 AM–10 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday11 AM–10 PM
Thursday11 AM–10 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: 1290 N Lemoore Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245

Phone: (559) 924-3484


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Haley Pevehouse
My family and I have ordered here before and was extremely satisfied with service and quality. This time is a completely different story. It took a whole hour to receive my order. I was trying to be understanding considering the staff was obviously overwhelmed but when I received our order my garlic cheese bites were BURNT. And on top of that, I heard the staff make a comment about an order asking if they thought it was ok and another employee replied “it’s okish”. Would not be surprised if they were talking about my order. It’s far from “OKISH”. Our pizza is over cooked as well! I will be calling and requesting a refund. Highly disappointed.
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Quinn Lee
The older woman taking orders is extremely rude. The evening was going well until we interacted with her. The Me & Ed’s in Lemoore was dirty, everything is sticky. The games are all out of order. An oversight if our first interaction with an employee was a pleasant one. If she is so miserable she should stay home and collect her SSI.
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Sonja Hernandez
Worst experience and do not like the Lemoore location at all. This wasn’t the first bad experience but it was definitely my last. Their customer service manners are so bad more so the older lady sitting taking the orders was so rude right as soon as we walked into the restaurant. I initially asked for a towel to clean the tables because they were all dirty and she rolled her eyes and told me I needed to hold on. So I got some wipes and cleaned the tables themselves. She said we couldn’t bring no outside food when I explained it was a birthday cake (a small one) She was visually upset and made me feel uncomfortable. I spent $65 for a birthday party for my daughter and five others it wasn’t a big event at all and we ended up leaving with her cake and taking the pizza home.
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Shelby Womack
Sadly the pictures are way better than the food. The place is so dirty we were the only people there and most of the tables were dirty while the staff just chatted loudly behind the counter. Place has potential but for the price the quality is not there
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Cristina Ayala
Pretty good pizza and sandwiches for a good price. Place is pretty clean. Has a good variety of games including a photo booth at the back of the restaurant. They also have music playing and tvs to enjoy a game or the news. Employees arent rude which is a plus. Only thing I dont like is that its kind of dark in there n i dont like to eat in the dark.
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Jon-E-2 icon
Worst experience ever especially by the District Manager. I did not get her name but I posted a picture of her. She was demeaning and uncaring towards a loyal customer! As I was ordering she rudely interrupted me as I was trying to figure out if I wanted a fountain drink cause they were having issue’s with the water. Because of her interruption the cashier charged me for fountain drinks and then I tried to exchange them for plastic bottles but she denied me! I was willing to pay the difference and she insisted I could not do it! She wanted me to pay the whole amount! Then after that I went up to the cashier to look over my receipt because I was over charged. He was in the process to correct it when she butted in again and said I was wrong that I wasn’t overcharged! She made it clear to his employee to not correct the mistake. I was appalled and just had enough of her disturbing behavior towards me. Never felt such hostility especially coming from a district manager! She had no concern whatsoever towards customer service! I did not enjoy my meal and lost my appetite because of her unpleasant welcome!
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Estella Flores
Growing up my mom and dad used to bring my siblings and myself here to enjoy some family time. So when my sisters and their family came into town for our dads funeral, we wanted to go to a special place to eat and enjoy our shared memories with the kids. But unfortunately we made the wrong decision. My sisters along with their grown kids and their spouses were excited to eat here, we took 3 full tables and ordered over $360.00 pizzas, salad, wing and drinks just to find out that all the tables and chairs were extremely sticky to the point that our clothes were sticking to the chairs. It was over 112% and they had NO A/C THE HEAT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! The food took a long time to get to us. At NO TIME did the manager make a effort to address or apologize. That was very disappointing
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Benett McDonald
Been here a few times because they make a decent pizza. Wouldn’t say it is the best ever but it’s better than dominos, little Caesars and the other “fast food” pizza joints. But I gotta say each time I’ve been in the same guy has always worn his emotion about the place on his sleeve. A gentleman in his 30’s or 40’s who CLEARLY does not like working here. He usually has a n attitude towards customers when a question is asked for him. When asking for a to go box for our pizza he told us to take one of the to go
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Papa Bear Craven
It’s lost on me why people rate this place so low. We ordered through DoorDash and they got here at a reasonable time; not super fast but definitely not “omg where’s the food!”. But the pizza was great! We got the Tuscon and so delicious! And the cinnamon rolls are amazing too. Can’t complain about really anything except maybe the slices were cut kinda funky, but pfft! Whatever! Bottom line, it was bomb and going to get again!
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Took literally an hour for the pizza. They never called our number so we kept waiting for extra time, they got the order wrong, they had none of all the beers they have and they had no customer service what so ever.
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