King’s Chef Buffet

  4.1 – 1 reviews  $ • Chinese restaurant

Unfussy, strip-mall outlet serving a large all-you-can menu of Asian fare such as sushi & noodles.

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Address: 501 N Maguire St J, Warrensburg, MO 64093

Phone: (660) 747-0880


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King’s Chef Buffet

King’s Chef Buffet in Warrensburg, Missouri is the biggest Chinese buffet in town, offering specials for all you can eat that you just can’t beat.

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King’s Chef Buffet, Warrensburg, MO. … King’s Chef Buffet in Warrensburg, Missouri is the biggest Chinese buffet in town, offering specials for all you …

King’s Chef Buffet – Warrensburg – SinglePlatform

Call Menu Info. 501 N Maguire St, Ste J. Warrensburg, MO 64093 … Wonton Buffet Style. With fried noodles. Pint (4 Wontons) $3.99 … Kings Chef Special.


K Tran
The food here is good; service… not so much. Sometimes you enter and there’s no one to greet you. Other times they’re busy tending to something and then will eventually get to you.
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Tiffannie McCoy-Ripple
I ordered on the app. It was delivered on time even though the driver went to the wrong place to deliver to a place no one lived at. We were missing an order and when I called to let them know the young lady said she’d get one sent. Then another woman called to ask how I was missing an order. Told her that wasn’t for me to know. I just know we are missing an order. She became very rude demanding I count my black containers and tell her how many I had, I informed her of exactly all containers we had approximately 5 times and she raised her voice asking again. I informed her that I already told her how many containers I had versus what I had ordered. I then told her to send the meal that was missing or refund the money. She then stated it would be here any minute and hung up. We have a large family and regularly order here, I have never called for an issue and this was the first time and was treated so rudely. Be careful, if they make a mistake, they will call to harass YOU for it. It would be understandable if this was something that regularly happened from my address but this, again, was the first time. Sad how they treat loyal customers that regularly spends alot of money here.
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Chelsea Smith
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Sue Owens
I hadn’t been there in a very long time. Wanted something different for lunch. King chef still had buffet and seen they had Salmon which I love. When I received bill it was 13.99 with no tax included. I don’t know if it was little high in price or not. And had a coke with meal.
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Christa b.c.
The food was hot. I love how they had their fried chicken covered. It made the chicken juicy. Sushi is amazing lots of sauces to choose from. Buffet has many many choices. Very full of people which was a great sign at 8pm on a Saturday. The food was very flavorful and tasty. Lost a star because the bathrooms are horrendous horrible and so very disgusting. This place is huge and the bathrooms were 3 Stalls and all dirty the floors were flooded from a leaky toilet and all three were out of toilet paper. . Huge setback on such a nice restaurant.
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Doug Bockover
Delicious buffet, with a large selection. I definitely recommend trying it out. They also have a great selection of sushi. It took a while to get our drinks initially, but afterwards, they always asked if we wanted a refill before our cups got empty. It can be a bit crowded at times. Also they have definitely raised their prices since the last time I was there. It’s a little expensive now. I think it was like $15 per person for dinner.
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Mackenzie Lyman
King’s Chef Buffet is so good. They’re food establishment is absolutely amazing! Best place I have ever been to! I got their immitation crab with cheese. I loved their Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and stuffed cheesy mushrooms! My dessert was pretty good too. Check out these photos of the food I ate.
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Jody Hendrick
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Blaz Roller
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Savannah Hardin
I usually love this place, it’s cheap and quick. But the staff can be a bit over the top when it comes to children. Our waitress today was wonderful, five stars to her for her patience and niceness but another waitress that was not ours was the problem. I came in with my friend and her toddler. I understand toddlers can be a handful but the looks this woman was giving us was over the top. She made it a clear point she did not want us there by walking by our table yelling to our waitress and standing by our table loudly and aggressively yelling to the other staff. We felt so uncomfortable that we left still hungry because we simply just did not want to be there much longer. Five star food but some servers are half a star.
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