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Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 1019 N Lemoore Ave, Lemoore, CA 93245

Phone: (559) 924-2744

Website: https://food.google.com/chooseprovider?restaurantId=/g/1v76zxgh&g2lbs=AL1YbfUkAIcsNbzjhfbiUj30RVDm8SvKpyl8UaydsFPJcqG6ctT7F3uqoE4MjXrMZiXKpljl2vtAN_7C9hyPMXB9mufZr00FH5Fz6WqeZjzNGwK1NGrvIs3iv5hzr4_RVr39fIKngXq2&hl=en-US&gl=us&ssta=1&fo_m=MfohQo559jFvMWvkddHzV46uMT_RFPQ05bfKMQVr5-7IofUJMU_hT8vrWuwRMUv3d8yCO4PgMUOzJVpjPL1YMfZ3bInYwBDuMfaXTPp5KXh-&utm_source=search&gei=hKyFY8yGN6_h2roP36KpoAk&ei=hKyFY8yGN6_h2roP36KpoAk&fo_s=OA,AH,SOE

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Yo Daddy Hoe
KFC Mac N Cheese bowl comes with a cookie and drink for under 10 bucks. A little bit of bacon would really make this a great meal.
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Mitch Couch
The employees here are so friendly. The chicken is always cooked so perfectly and I love the portions of sides
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Frederick Vears
I realize we’re going through hard times forward portion is good as small as they are now I don’t want to eat there anymore.
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Jenna Johnson
should have expressed my thanks years ago. my son loved ordering kfc for lunch from their cool fundraisers at MIQ. if you’re passing through the central valley, highly recommend this location. wait time has never been an issue and food is hot by the time i get home when using drive thru. their exclusive peach and honey soda is a special treat in addition to their family pack deals that come to the rescue for quick meals. bonus feature for my family is their 64oz beverage carriers. we re-use ours. the jugs are collapsible, great for road trips, walks, etc. inside was recently remodeled. worth the quick drive off the highway for a great family meal.
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