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Since 1960, Jack’s has been serving Southern favorites like scratch-made biscuits, hand-breaded chicken fingers and hand-dipped milkshakes in their dining rooms and drive-thrus. Find a local Jack’s restaurant location near you, and order your favorite burger and fries in the Jack’s app or online. Get your southern cravings satisfied at breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

Fast-food chain serving standard American eats such as burgers, fries & milkshakes.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No delivery Jack's 35111



Address and Contact Information

Address: 21359 US-11, McCalla, AL 35111

Phone: (205) 477-4040

Website: https://food.google.com/chooseprovider?restaurantId=/g/1263d_ptr&g2lbs=AL1YbfWoX_jwjyxwjTynqxjEoVkWveTS4c9yo9ZT2D1YW4Qxxnx_aHcsOGM0lmE7ihEd06gh_4NcvuASaSPQ01FBjOgwkLVSe8zPXNNsgpD1N9bG1OmIoXSIvbTc1QRmyXLuQR1qlCc2&hl=en-US&gl=us&ssta=1&fo_m=MfohQo559jFvMWvkddHzV46uMT_RFPQ05bfKMQVr5-7IofUJMU_hT8vrWuwRMUv3d8yCO4PgMUOzJVpjPL1YMfZ3bInYwBDuMfaXTPp5KXh-&utm_source=search&gei=tJCEY9fCM4yK-Qbl_7iICQ&ei=tJCEY9fCM4yK-Qbl_7iICQ&fo_s=OA,AH,SOE

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Reginald Harris
The chicken fingers deluxe meal is delicious and fresh. The lemonade is better than chick-fa – la. I love this restaurant and wonder why none in Georgia By the way the chicken is the bomb, hamburgers are absolutely delicious The food is so good that I drove to Jacks twice a month to eat their food. Bring Jack’s to Georgia cause I’m running out of gas. Love Jacks!
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Jerimy Kerr
I used to love Jack’s. Not many in the home state of TN, so when I travel to Alabama I have to stop in. I tried this one about a month ago, walked inside and only ordered a 4 pc snack and a shake. I then noticed about 5 customers wandering around with receipts in hand and take a look at the order screen and the timer. The next customer to receive his order had been waiting 21 minutes for a burger and fries. Employees seem to be in no rush at all and walk around dazed and confused. 42 minutes later I finally receive my order. Maybe they were having a bad day. Well today I tried again….It’s like Groundhog day…no different than a month ago. Same scenario 2 times, a month apart. I walked out without ordering. I’ll bypass this one from now on.
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John Mayer
I am a Jack’s fan. How ever since they have rebuilt this location, the service and quality has met up to the standard of other Jack’s restaurants. Chicken fingers were small and it took over 30 minutes to get through the drive through.: 2/5  |  : 1/5 …
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Frances Jackson
I remember when they first opened great food and service. Now the staff in drive thru very unprofessional.. yeah or naw response…Or outside chilling getting in and out of cars while you waiting for food. It’s always a female with an attitude at the window. It’s almost like they just throw your food in a bag shake it up and hand it to you. I give 3 stars because not all the staff like that but management needs to put better customer oriented people at the window.
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Emily Abston
We have been at this drive through for one hour, this is our second time through cause our order was not correct. First of all this line is moving at a snails pace, I am on my way to work, yet this is the only option available or its starve!!! We arrived at 5:08, 2 sausage biscuits and a chicken and it has taken this long!! Taking my chances on being late and get in trouble or go in hungry and everyone else take their chances being around me. I would suggest making a
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