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Friday5 PM–12 AM
Saturday5 PM–12 AM
Sunday5–11 PM
Monday5–11 PM
Tuesday5–11 PM
Wednesday5–11 PM
Thursday5–11 PM

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Address: 2010 James M Wood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

Phone: (213) 341-5151



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A Korean BBQ that wont break your bank is hard to come by these days. The food and the service is great and the value is even greater.


Jason Kang
Back in the day, Koreatown had this BBQ spot called Safety Zone. It was just a parking lot but had such an authentic Korean vibe. Fast forward to now, and there are these awesome container-style places with killer views of downtown LA. Honestly, if you’re in the mood for some soju (and more soju), this is the place to be!
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Rodica Chirita
Great food and great staff, highly recommend. Thank you so much!
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Surdu Mihai
This was one of the best culinary experiences I ever had. The meat was extraordinary, the kimchi stew was the best I’ve ever tried and the staff was nice explaining and helping.
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The quality of the meat and price was great. But I experienced a disappointing and rude service.
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Hyeong-il Kim
I had a fun dinner with my family. It was delicious because I dipped the meat in truffle salt.
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Yong Lee
The price is cheap and the meat quality is…
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Remigio Gonzales
Very good, I liked the place, the food was very good
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A restaurant I often go to~
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Won Seok Chung
Best value for money restaurant
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