Flex Mussels

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Mussels & frites are the main event at this hopping seafood eatery also featuring homemade donuts.

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Address: 154 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

Phone: (212) 229-0222

Website: http://www.flexmussels.com/


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Reservations: resy.com

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Flex Mussels – 82nd Street Restaurant – New York, NY

Flex Mussels – 82nd Street … Top Tags: … Direct importers of mussels from Prince Edward Island and oysters that taste like you’re kissing the sea. Happy Hour …

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Flex Mussels. NYC seafood restaurant serving Prince Edward Island Mussels. And then some. 1431 3rd Ave | UES – Soft Open Now!


Hidden gem. One of the best happy hour spots you can go to. I had no reservations and was able to walk in during happy hour time and got seated quickly. There is NO happy hour outdoors. The menu is fairly priced and extensive for the happy hour, we ended up having our dinner here. The crowd at the bar and outdoor seating pick up very quick as the happy hour progresses, definitely make your way here sooner rather than later. There was nothing wrong with everything we ordered, the fungi mussels is the way to go. Do not skip on the oysters! It’s not on their online menu, but their in store menu shows oysters (primarily from PEI) for $1.5 each!
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Reed Hatcher
Great spot for oyster happy hours, which go till 7 everyday. Oysters were nice and fresh, my only complaint was that their mignonette variation wasn’t my favorite – but I’m traditional in that regard. And they should just serve the red sauce by request – IMHO using that is akin to ordering a good steak well done. But it’s also a place you can easily move on to a full dinner of… you guessed it, mussels! Several broths to choose from – I got the Dijon – and oh so good! The mussels were super plump and delicious in the sauce. I finished with the donuts, which they’re also famous for, and do suggest you save space for them. They’re really good!
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Karina Lam
Had a great time at Flex Mussels! My friends and I visited on a Friday night, so it was quite crowded. Definitely recommend making reservations ahead of time.
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Fantastic happy hour specials (until 7PM and only inside). Ceviche and truffle fries are also very good. Space inside is a bit tight, but the strong value and great food more than compensate.
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Ronald Wilson (Bronxvinylfunk, on IG)
I really enjoyed these fluffy warm donuts. They were so good. I had a fatboy moment and had fries since I had eaten ealier. I e heard this place is known for its seafood dishes. I don’t eat seafood any longer so I can’t say how the other fair is here. My only complaint was my coffee was warm and bit hot, it was 10pm tho, maybe the coffee machine was in its cool down phase. I recommend this place.
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Kristina I
I live in the neighborhood and had Flex on my wish list for a while. I wish I had gone sooner — WELL worth it! Delicious seafood – oysters, mussels, lobster roll, cod fritters… and don’t get me started about the donuts for dessert!! Delectable! Highly recommend this spot for a date night.
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Lisa Lam
Great place to come for great seafood, including ceviches, mussels, fish, shellfish and more. Would definitely recommend getting the ceviche, hummus, mussels, their donuts for dessert, and more. Came around 5:30 on a weekday, got busy around 6:30-7 or so. Would definitely come back.
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This place is something else. I have to say that our waiter gave us the best service possible for any restaurant, can’t remember his name but I know he has no hair. The food was unbelievable, if I had the money I would go there for breakfast also
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Amrit S
Incredible oysters, incredible mussels, incredible truffle fries. We got all the east coast oysters offered, and for the mussels we got the Parma. With all that plus the bread that comes with it, we are stuffed and satisfied!! If you and a +1 are planning to have more than one glass of prosecco each, just get a bottle. Much more economical
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Matthew McCann
One of the best restaurants in all of NYC tucked off 13th. They attention they give to each patron is 10/10 and then the food. Truffle Fries are an absolute must. And the Salmon.. will melt and crunch in your mouth. Thanks Matias for the amazing evening as well
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