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Long-running chain serving signature breakfast items & a variety of coffee drinks.

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Saturday6 AM–5 PM
Sunday6 AM–5 PM
(Labor Day)
5 AM–5 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday5 AM–5 PM
Wednesday5 AM–5 PM
Thursday5 AM–5 PM
Friday5 AM–5 PM

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Address: 2905 Hancock Expy, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Phone: (719) 666-6720


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Faith S
This one is a horrible location. Everytime I order from here my drinks taste different. When I pay extra for less ice, they still manage to put in more ice than I asked. The matcha drinks seem to be mainly of ice & milk. The manager is awful & always complaining about customers stealing from the franchise. She’s always looking for ways to charge extra on people’s orders.
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Chris B
They seem to never get drinks correct and god forbid you order a bagel with anything extra, they’ll charge you for it and provide less than it comes with normally. Bacon bagel? Enjoy triple cheese.
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Meg Goldston
Y’all need to get it together, why have a business open if you don’t operate it efficiently. Might as well just donate the money you spend on labor to charity cus the people you’re paying aren’t doing their job. This should be a successful location but I don’t need to look into your analytics to know that you’re loosing clientele. I feel like there is no respect for the dollar here. I threw money way the last two times I came here, while trying to do something nice for my little ones. My review is intended for constructive feedback so this is why I’m not trashing you guys with one star but next time I ever chance to come again and it’s as bad as it’s been the last few times I’m changing my review to one star. I feel like there are good people working here, they’re just doing an inefficient job and bottom line it falls back to the topic of mismanagement.
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Danika Torres
This location was awful all the way around. The girl taking my order in the drive thru, sounded like she was distracted and we had to keep repeating ourselves. Got to the window, and the food came first- my husband’s order was fine, I’d ordered a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and there was more butter on it than cream cheese (and not melted butter, big cold chunks of it), I ended up tossing it. I’d also ordered a Coolata and my husband ordered a mocha drink and it took them forever to bring them to us, and my drink was AWFUL. There was almost no flavor save some bitter aftertaste and I tossed that as well. They didn’t bother asking if we needed anything else, didn’t get a “have a good day”, just…slammed the window closed when they were finished with us. Definitely will not return to this location and have been telling everyone I know to avoid it as well.
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Caitlin McCullough
I no longer go to this location because they ALWAYS get my order wrong. For the past 4 or 5 times I’ve ordered a blueberry muffin, they give me a chocolate chip muffin. Also, I’ve asked for no cheese multiple times and they give me cheese. I’ve also been handed coffee with missing cream / sugar and someone else’s order multiple times. I’d much rather pay up at Starbucks across the street for the CORRECT order – they’ve never gotten my order wrong once.
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Christina Klosowska
This location is horrible. They are always out of everything. When they do actually have flavors available, the drinks are inconsistent. Donuts are old and usually you’ll find a sign on the door saying it’s cash only. Don’t waste your time going to this location, you will sit in line forever just to be told “sorry we don’t have caramel, mocha, or really anything except pumpkin”
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Bob Fudge (BobFudge)
They definitely seemed to have improved since that disastrous opening.
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Samantha Rae
I’m a regular at the Nevada location. Cup of ice water and a large iced coffee. The young man in the drive through refused my cup of water today, handed my coffee and closed the window and turned his back to me. My coffee tasted awful today. Avoid this location and go to Nevada ave
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Jennifer Longoria
Don’t waste your time or money here. I waited 19 minutes for a coffee and had to walk out because it was taking so long. Horrible management. I understand being short staffed but they were not…prioritizing drive thru over the front is an awful concept. Please do better.
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Cassandra Reames
I order the same refresher every time I work close by I never had the problem before but since the new assistant is there she is rude disrespectful and messes up every time I called the gm she was the same way this is not ok when u pay for something u want it that way I have called corporate they don’t care as well don’t go here not worth it at all suppose to have strawberry smh all coconut milk
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