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This Bridgeton Domino’s has a wide food selection including pizza, chicken, salads, pasta and more for delivery, carryout or curbside pickup with Domino’s Carside Delivery. Browse our menu, find local coupons or check the status of your lunch, dinner or late night order.

Delivery/carryout chain offering a wide range of pizzas & a variety of other dishes & sides.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery ✔️ No dine-in Domino's Pizza 08302



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Address: 39 N Laurel St, Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Phone: (856) 455-6800


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Cat Lady
I would’ve loved to order from here. I called numerous times after attempting to use their online ordering and getting an error and no one answered the phone. I am a teacher and was prepared to order for twenty kids and ten adults. They missed out on a decent order and future orders if they would’ve responded.
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Amanda Campbell
Order from here all the time and they deliver. Today when I called the guy says they do not deliver to this address that he can’t find it. I said hey do you want my phone number to look it up very politely and the guy hangs up on me? What a donkeys rear end. No wonder why you guys have 3 stars if you hate your job get a new one! Very Pathetic and will be calling corporate.
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Nessa Quinn
They’ve done pretty good with my orders every time I order from them they include everything you order mostly every time online or by phone.They have really good food and pizza.
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Mandy Candelario
Tried to order pizza and the guy just hangs up on me for absolutely no reason. I call back and he doesn’t answer? Extremely unprofessional. Very childish. If you hate your life/job find a new one. Wendy’s up the street is hiring.
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Last order delivered, 45 minutes after leaving store. Food was ice cold, yet still nicely burnt. Soda was no where to be seen and instead of offering a refund as I paid cash on delivery, a promise to drop it off later was made and not kept.
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Starr Tisch
Very nice customer service over the phone. New GM and Assistant make it more enjoyable to get my food.
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Nick Peiffer
Only ever had an issue once, and they offered to make it right before I even mentioned it. Still get 5 stars because of that.
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Adam Hollis
Placed order online. Received email saying order was boxed and ready. When I walked in, order wasn’t ready and waited an additional 15 mins. They were very busy which is fine, and waiting isn’t the issue. Just don’t tell me it’s boxed and ready when it’s not.
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Natricia Comer
Ordered my food at 10:00p. Called at 11:20p and asked about my order. Told me the driver was on their way. Half hour later the driver is still “on their way”. 2 hours for deliver!! The pizza tracker said my pizza was finished at 10:20. I live 7 minutes from the store. This store is terrible!! Needs new management!
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Lakia Kelly
Initially, I called to place an order for pick up because my boyfriend was going into town. The employee who took my order indicated it would take approximately 40 minutes to prepare a pizza. Therefore, I requested a large cheese pizza for delivery instead. The worker never specified a time for delivery nor did I inquire about an approximate time. I placed the the order sometime after 7:56pm. However, my pizza did not arrive until 9:52pm. The delivery guy came to the front door instead of the back, which is my household’s personal preference. This has been on file since 2013. When the pizza arrived, it was warm and lacked any flavor except overwhelming garlic. I prefer my cheese bubbly not burnt and dried out. The crust was hard and dissatisfying. The sauce was a thick consistency and lacked depth. The best pizza I had from them was 4 orders ago. It looked appealing and tasted delicious. Everything was absolutely perfect! This pizza was no comparison to that masterpiece. I spent additional time warming my pie up in the oven. Dominos were not always this horrible. Unfortunately, their quality of service has deteriorated over the years. I was definitely disappointed with my recent order. I recommend that adminstration enhances their sauce recipe. In addition, they need to retrain staff on professionalism, proficient communication, time management, and adhering to their policy and procedures in hopes of improving their products and productivity. I am going to change their rating to three stars instead of two because I observed them doing a good deed almost two weeks ago. Their presence was felt and much appreciated!
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