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Long-standing Italian restaurant serves up a wide selection of classic dishes in a warm atmosphere.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery D'Italia Restaurant Pizzeria and Catering 07001


Tuesday11 AM–8:30 PM
Wednesday11 AM–8:30 PM
Thursday11 AM–9 PM
Friday11 AM–9:30 PM
Saturday11 AM–9:30 PM
Sunday12–8 PM
Monday11 AM–8:30 PM

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Address: Peach Plaza, 1500 St Georges Ave, Avenel, NJ 07001

Phone: (732) 574-1120



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Candise M.
My office orders lunch at this place all the time, so I already knew the food was delicious. I decided to come and actually eat at the restaurant. Very nice inside and the environment was peaceful and friendly. I ordered the dinner special,Grouper Portafino, my friend had the Chicken Francese. Both were so delicious. The portion of food was enough to take back home with us. They are not stingy with their entrees .
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Karen_Scott Wiesner
We were traveling from upstate NY to Philly and stopped off the interstate and found D’Italia! Do yourself a favor and make the side trip. First off, we were welcomed by 4 different staff members. You walk in to the most delicious aromas and see the big pizza ovens. We were seated at a large round table (there were 6 of us) and brought water and soda within seconds. Next, we were greeted by John with bread (hot and made upon entry)and THE BEST personality we have ever come across in food service. Kind, personable, accommodating, friendly, respectful, and I could go on. We ordered and got our appetizer, salad and soup in less than 5 minutes, hot and fresh. We ordered sandwiches, entrees, appetizers and took half of it with us. It was delicious, homemade and we are so happy we found it. We will definitely be back any time we are withing an hour! So, so good.
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Michael Merritt
We’ve only recently discovered this long lasting Italian restaurant and so far each experience has been a pleasure. Friends brought us here for dinner and the service was attentive and friendly. Meals were huge portions and not sacrificing flavor for volume. I’ve enjoyed two chicken entrées and my wife has enjoyed her vodka sauce pizza and penne pasta. Today the pasta fagioli soup was delicious and again the staff made us feel welcome and well attended to throughout our dinner.
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Lou Giunta
We went there for a family meal after a First Holy Communion. We were a party of 14.
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Bookworm Maven
The night started out with delightful service, but went downhill fast. First, they gave my companion’s entrée to someone else. I will give them credit for bringing out a new plate very quickly.
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Naim Muhammad
We ordered a Coconut chicken salad/ with Arugula and spinach greens. It was very tasty, nice healthy portion. I’ve eaten here before, food was always good. The service is great as well
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Evelyn Medina
Really good. Everything I’ve had there, I’ve liked. Beware of the bread. They put it out on the table. And it is, so good but don’t stuff yourself with it. Leave room for your meal.
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Luis Del Pino
First of all got the wrong order. Asked for mozzarella cheese and got American cheese. The chicken cutlet itself was super soggy… holy god… you have got to be kidding me. Then to add injury to insult your pricing is ridiculously high for such mediocre food. Will never eat here again. Straight garbage
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Carol Parella
Casual, comfortable, and like visiting old friends! Gluten free options available. Great pizza. But one of my favorites….the Anniewich. Love their chicken parm as well.
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My family and I have been loyal customers for 30 years since it was next to Foodtown across the street. I keep getting different amounts. 42.. 31.50..35.50? ordered 3 times delivery in 1 1/2 weeks. 1 pickup 3 weeks ago. First delivery I was charged (after I paid and didn’t know) and then refunded 42 dollars for a no cheese, veggie pizza? She fixed it, and was nice about it. The 2nd delivery was 1 hour 30 minutes… and I’m 4 minutes away. It was 31.50 before tip. 3rd time, I ask the total and bring up how I was charged a few dollars less the last time, and he goes “someone got it wrong, you want the pizza or not”. (35.50 before tip) This guy forgets in customer service means you have be just a tiny little bit nicer than usual when you interact with someone. I understand not giving into every customers beck and call but I didn’t have an attitude, and I wasn’t asking for anything outrageous, I’m asking for the price I paid last time, and consistency. They forgot to put the hot peppers toppings, and there were giant tomato slices. (I always said baby tomatoes and always get them giant but I don’t complain, I take them off, that’s fine) then, they say they forgot to put the hot peppers and sent the hot peppers alone! in a bag. instead of trying to remedy the situation, with a bit more care. Maybe offer a 10% next time, I don’t know, just something for dealing with the longer wait time, and his attitude. Why is a manager arguing with someone who is not arguing with them, I was asking a question and stating a fact. There’s a way to communicate effectively and not loudly at someone, that’s rude and crass. (I was honestly too scared to call back, my Mom had to) and none of us are going back, after 30 years.. Long time customers doesn’t mean anything to them and it shows. We recommended them to so many people, we had birthdays there, ect. The way I was spoken to, is completely unacceptable.. I was so upset while he barked snippy short replies, and then for my card info. And hung up. He argued the price was lower because “I picked it up” and “he was THERE”..(that was 3 weeks ago?) He spoke to me each time after with my order, and it was 3 deliveries in 10 days. He’s rude, and he needs better communication skills. I hope this feedback helps, but I’m not sure he cares now that he’s a big time restaurant and not next to Foodtown.
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