D’Italia Restaurant Pizzeria and Catering

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Long-standing Italian restaurant serves up a wide selection of classic dishes in a warm atmosphere.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery D'Italia Restaurant Pizzeria and Catering 07001



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Address: Peach Plaza, 1500 St Georges Ave, Avenel, NJ 07001

Phone: (732) 574-1120

Website: http://www.ditaliarestaurant.com/

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D’Italia Restaurant Pizzeria and Catering Avenel, NJ 07001

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FrankieLouise Megaro-Burdi
Order from here all the time and never had any issues. Tonight I called and always specifically tell the person taking my order to please have the driver call because our entrance is in the back. Tonight after 1hr 20min of waiting when initially they said it would be about 40 I called back. Hadn’t received any sort of cal before that. He asked if I paid and I said yes even leaving a top on the card when I placed the order. After the guy put me on hold another guy comes on the phone and goes, “I don’t know what to tell you sweetie, the driver dropped your food off already.” I told him I had not received a call or anything which is why I was calling them. He told me the driver was new and that he’s screaming on the other line that he called and knocked and just left the food. The driver did not call…even if he did and I missed it I would have assumed he was there and would have went down and grabbed the food when it was delivered. The guy who I spoke to after I was out on hold couldn’t have been any ruder. And even said they just leave food outside all the time, it was a normal thing. I couldn’t have been any more nice while the 2nd guy I spoke to couldn’t be anymore rude. When I finally got the food from outside it was obviously cold which was whatever but the driver must have threw it from the window of his car because oil was all over both bags of food and the cheese and spinach calzone was smushed. Great job.
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anthony nocera
I ordered the penne in vodka and i wouldn’t even feed it to my dog. They put SOOOOOOOOOOO many black olives in it – the entire dish just tasted like nothing else but olives. Almost no sauce at all and what was on there tasted nothing like any vodka sauce Ive ever had. Oh and did I mention for $23 u get a small stale roll to go with it . . . Yum
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Makayla Cortes
When my family and I went a year or two ago the food was very good but when we went there yesterday it was a terrible experience. We ordered the four cheese pizza for the dough to be wet and soggy, the pizza was overwhelmed with low quality yellow cheese and there was one slice of white cheese melted on top, it was very chewy and overall was bland. It was not what was expected out of a four cheese pizza. The cheese slid right off the dough and the dough was very pasty too. I ordered the penne vodka and it was extremely bland, it was very overwhelming with the large amounts of black olives and peas. The sauce was very watery and had no flavor at all. I had chicken added to my pasta and it was super soggy and tough to eat. The chicken seemed to have been breaded and then thrown into the sauce, I was very disappointed with my entree. Someone else at the table had ordered a Cajun shrimp wrap, it seemed very rush and it looked like it was just thrown together. I really was looking forward to a nice dinner at D’Italia’s but the quality of food and the standards have lowered since the last time we went. Gordon Ramsay should definitely pay a visit to this establishment because as a local restaurant it has great potential to be what it once was. However we will not be dining there any time soon, the service was friendly and inviting but the quality of food was very disappointing.
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Kathleen Law
We always buy pick up orders at D’Italia’s. When we call for our dinner it usually doesn’t take too long, about 30 minutes.
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David G
Never had a disappointing meal here. My inlaws lives nearby and this is always a top choice when we decide to make a night of it. Amazing food
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Jes P
GUYS! I just ordered a honey mustard chicken wrap with disco fries for delivery ….. OMG ! Triple chefs kiss, hands down ! The disco fries were made to perfection. Just enough cheese and gravy to overload your mouth with a burst of goodness. The wrap was exquisite, chicken was lean, no fat, cooked just enough, the amount of honey mustard spread was also just enough to keep the pallet wet and going ! This was so good. I could literally cry !
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Chris F
We’ve been coming to this family owned, neighborhood spot for over 20 years. The people, the food, the family feel has never changed and has always been second to none. If you want consistently good Italian food.. GO HERE!! The chicken parm Stromboli and tortellini al forno with chicken are my favorite dishes to get.
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Jeri S.
Place is so clean, good customer service and the food is very delicious. Fast service too.
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Kathy Konowka
Been going here for years. The best Italian food. Quick service, and friendly servers. Try it you won’t be disappointed.
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Danny Gonzalez
I’m never dissapointed in this place reminds me of the old school Italian restaurants from Brooklyn. The food is amazing and service is great. Love this place.
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