Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

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Soft-serve ice cream & signature shakes top the menu at this classic burger & fries fast-food chain.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Dairy Queen Grill & Chill 72058



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Address: 43 S Broadview St, Greenbrier, AR 72058

Phone: (501) 679-0618

Website: https://food.google.com/chooseprovider?restaurantId=/g/11h4zr7pqg&g2lbs=AL1YbfUgQjBmduzcZvqBo-kB7kWLhtxugSaTXRXt7nVn8HoQGdJ0jPIKR-I8BRryRUSquA0DEzfltjSyYxPEEyTojEGT4J9M_IF5EBdWoD-_YyWbO_vN25-HEYgJ6F-Smt5DreufYE-x&hl=en-US&gl=us&ssta=1&fo_m=MfohQo559jFvMWvkddHzV46uMT_RFPQ05bfKMQVr5-7IofUJMU_hT8vrWuwRMUv3d8yCO4PgMUOzJVpjPL1YMfZ3bInYwBDuMfaXTPp5KXh-&utm_source=search&gei=XniFY_DAItfihwORmqn4DA&ei=XniFY_DAItfihwORmqn4DA&fo_s=OA,AH,SOE&orderType=1

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Lilly W.
I went through the drive through and service was fast and friendly (I was served by Kailey) but the prices were a bit high. I realize the team members don’t control the prices though. Food was pretty good. Overall would go here again
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Dark Poco
Cleaner than most fast food places I’ve seen. Some of the hot food is surprisingly good seeing as most people say only the ice cream is worth getting. Try the cheese curds or pretzels.
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Kathryn Rogne
Waited 45 minutes in the drive through for an order of chicken strips (kids order) eventually came in was sure I was forgotten about. The girls inside just pretended I wasn’t there and they didn’t have my order so I showed receipt. They finally made my order. Another 15 minutes and I got the wrong order. Something is wrong with these workers. There was only 1 other car in drive through and no one was inside.
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Joshua Vines
The shear laziness of the workers never fails, this is a medium strawberry sundae… workers are rude and careless, our newest generations finest.
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Impassive Tomb
When I was young I used to go to Diary Queen pretty often. That changed a lot after I moved. I can’t really remember what they were like in the late 2000’s, but revisiting them today was a pretty good experience. I only ordered a Blizzard made with Heath and, though the Heath was a little chunky in it, it was some solid ice cream.
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Dave Graham
Great service and hospitality, food was piping hot and made fresh, great place to eat or stop by for a frozen treat
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Tommy McCrory
We used the drive thru and the employee didn’t know how to take our order and he asked us to wait without telling us why. After waiting for 5 minutes another person (who we thought was the manager) took our order and gave us our total. We We pull around and paid for our order. We were missing part of our order and the same employee that tried to take our order rudely told us that he would have to charge us for the part of our order that was supposed to have already been placed. We had to drive around and go inside in order to speak to a manager (who was the one that took our order). The manager gave us the missing portion of our order and apologized and stated that she would take.care of the issue. I will definitely never use this Dairy Queen again. If I could rate this business at a -1 I would. Needless to say I DO NOT recommend.
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