Chipotle Mexican Grill

  3.9 – 627 reviews  $ • Mexican restaurant

Fast-food chain offering Mexican fare, including design-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls.

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Address: 2608 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: (505) 232-3550


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Celly Scam
Location was super busy, but the employees still managed to get my food out quickly. And the food was really great
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Jacob Busher
I ordered through the app and when I received it, it had spilled liquid and soaked the entire paper bag I was given. It even got on my car seat. When I opened the bowl, it had a 1/4 inch of liquid sloshing around. I did not order any liquids in my bowl, just beans, chicken, salsa and guac. Please try and drain the liquids from the beans before loading putting them in the bowl. Please! I didn’t expect to be cleaning my car’s passenger seat this evening.
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Natalia Tenorio
Look, I love Chipotle’s burritos. But the staff here are literally always just standing around talking to each other and not working. There’s usually like 5 workers there at a time and maybe one is making orders while the other workers are standing in view of the customers just talking to each other. They are always late and backed up on online orders. I just think it’s very unprofessional.
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JT Mitchell
Not the best location. But chipotle is chipotle.
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Went in tonight June 20, around 7:30 pm to find a male employee eating food over the hot bar, didn’t change his gloves and then turned to continue cooking on the grill. One of the female employees tried starting a food fight by throwing small bits of food at him. Horseplaying on the floor…no manager in sight it seemed. I was quite disappointed, and really didn’t want any of them cooking my food; I went to a different location.
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Jarod Trice
They were out of several things. Brown rice, lettuce, corn and pico. Also had very little of the chicken left half scooped and I asked for double. Talked very rude also lied about not having any hot sauces and also would not provide lids. When I got to the register she screams that don’t have any change. So it has to be exact and no Apple pay that worked.
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Reginald Ellis
This is easily the worst Chipotle in ABQ. Went to the restaurant and grab the door at 9:40pm. It was locked and everyone stood and looked around confused on why I was at the door. Don’t believe me, look at the cameras. I lost patience for this place.
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Christian Denny
Classic Chipotle. The kinda skimp on the amount in the burrito, but the quality is still good. This location is super busy, since it’s right off of central and near UNM campus. During lunch the parking lot get super full and it can be hard to find a spot. It has out door dining and is nice to sit out during the summer.
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Tanner Tange
Staff was wonderful, food was good, but it is obviously under staffed and frazzled. All the staff appeared to be on edge and were super stressed out. There were a total of 3 people their and they all looked the same. It was hard to watch these people struggle to get orders out due to lack of staff and very obvious stress. Management do better.
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Robert Freeman
Hot or miss at the central Albuquerque location when ordering through the app. Burritos are a guess to who’s Burrito is who’s once placed in the bag. And toppings are often left off. Also not happy when the cold beverage is layed across the hot Burrito.well that being said coors location has never failed. I love the convenience of ordering through the app so my order is in writing with no transaction errors.
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