Chile Verde

  4.3 – 76 reviews  $ • Mexican restaurant

Regional counter-serve chain, offering Mexican-style fast food all day, including breakfast.

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Friday10 AM–8 PM
Saturday10 AM–8 PM
Sunday11 AM–7 PM
(Labor Day)
10 AM–8 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday10 AM–8 PM
Wednesday10 AM–8 PM
Thursday10 AM–8 PM

Address and Contact Information

Address: Crenshaw Mall, 3650 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd #139, Los Angeles, CA 90008

Phone: (323) 292-1414



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Martin Hernandez
I ordered a carne asada burrito and they gave me a bean and cheese burrito with like two pieces of meat in it. I’m very disappointed. I’m never going back and I coulve gotten a better burrito at a taco stand. This food sucks. They serve refried canned beans
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Barbrah Kelley
One of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat, just wished they wouldn’t burn the onions & green peppers. Friendly staff and food is always fresh.
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Chris Williams
I have previously catered my event from this location with Good results BUT I will not use this location again. The tacos were soggy, very skimpy as far as filling. The hard shells were white and soft. No salsa provided with CATERED ITEMS. Will not go back…..enchalades were like little egg rolls definitely not what I’ve had in the past. Service was provided on Friday Dec 14, 2018
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This is the best lunch deal in the Crenshaw Mall!!…2 tacos, chips and a drink for just $4.99!! I get the shredded beef or shredded chicken tacos and they are delicious. I always pair it with Jamaica and get plenty of salsa to go with my chips. Always feel satisfied afterwards…truthfully I really want a 3rd taco but I try not to be greedy plus I really like only spending $5 for lunch lol
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Jedari Williams
I get the same meal everytime and its a new prices depending on the cashier . Wony be going here anymore
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Kirk Tyler
Just had the worst experience ever here. So upsetting im still sitting here as I write this. First the young man at the counter rushed us through ordering as if we were inturrupting something important other than him being at work. once our food was ready, it sat on the counter for aboit six minutes, after seeing the food just sitting there for some time my wife and I had to interrupt the two young people behined the counter having a full on discussion to ask if that was oir food. Agaain the young man with a hreat deal of attitude retorts they did call us we just didnt answer, wich would have been ok if we had not been sitting directly across from them watching their conversation. I am not an arguer so I took my food and went to eat. I ordered guacamole on the side but it was not on my plate so I went back to inquire about it as the young man barked me down that i requestided it in my burrito amd not on the side. I ask to speek to another staff person becaise at this point it could have gotten a bit agressive. Im a pretty easy going customer who really just wants good service amd friendly faces, I did not get that here. If you want good service I would pass by Green Verde in Crenshaw Mall becaise it doesnt seem like they have enough time to serve their customers and I would hate for anyone else to inturrupt the staff by ordering food and breaking up their staff conversations.
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This is my favorite location with my favorite food the staff here is a little on the up and up and does need some getting used to but overall the quality of freshness always remains top-tier at this location highly recommend.
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Jeffrey Bryson
Solid, decently priced food. Not as good as mom and pop places, but miles ahead of the Chipotle located half a block away. Good service, friendly workers.
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Mida Dee
The food was so delicious. Definitely one of the healthier options at the mall.
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Lisa Laster
I just left and came home, only live a block away. I ordered #9 i wouldn’t give the food to my dog, taquitos burnt gave gave me burnt beans(scraped the pot) never again will I eat here !!!
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