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Fast-food chain serving chicken sandwiches & nuggets along with salads & sides.

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Grove City, OH Location – Chick-fil-A

Come visit Chick-fil-A in Grove City, Ohio, for delicious options such as our signature chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken nuggets, and breakfast menu.

Chick-fil-A, Grove City – Facebook

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Grove City – Chick-Fil-A Will Be Closed for Several Months …

Chic-Fil-A will close on August 4th, 2023, as it works to complete plans for a new 600-square-foot addition to its drive-thru configuration.


Mick Boyle
I’m normally not the type to leave reviews, but my experiences with this Chick-fil-A have been so disappointing that I just had to say something. The big problem? They keep messing up my orders.
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Rob Boberts
Great salad, still making them the way they should. Yea them! Weird one entrance causes issues with drive thru traffic
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DarcyDoodle (DarcyDoodle)
For the longest time I did not know Chick-Fil-A offered breakfast, now I stop there several times per week for an egg & cheese biscuit and a cup of fresh fruit. No pics yet though
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ba tmw
Great food that just has fantastic flavor for fast food. Fast service to spite lines. These people know how to move a line. Pleasant employees. A stop light to help get back moving. Great selection of sauces and drinks, too.
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Marie Kinietz
First time to have the grilled chicken nuggets; they were excellent!! Juicy hot and delicious! Same with a salad with grilled chicken – fresh and delicious! I’m not personally a fan of the regular chicken sandwich but I did enjoy the grilled nuggets and salad with grilled chicken.
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Ashley Maynard
Overall I would’ve given this place a full 5 stars if the parking wasn’t so hard to get to just to dine in and if I didn’t get the whole irritated glare as I looked through my bag on the counter before leaving to make sure I recieved everything. As I looked through our items we were missing 3 chicken sandwiches. The gentleman that took care of us acted as tho I was lieing or was hiding a sandwich when I checked my bags while he watched me without leaving the counter. The food is great but service isn’t the best. I enjoy going inside so I don’t feel rushed in the line to order.not to mention me wanting to view a menu when I order an not felt rushed by a person standing outside to hurry an order.
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Millie McKitrick
I Always order the grilled chicken but yesterday I also ordered a Market Salad no chicken as it was advertised as made fresh daily. I had to pick out all the brown pieces. Disappointed!
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Jason Murillo
Food is always amazing here! Service was pretty good but not top notch like usual and the atmosphere wasn’t the best either. They need new bigger booths and more room overall.
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Kaida Hanson
Good quick service. Some staff were more interested in chit chat than helping customers – but there were so many workers there it didn’t really matter.
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Ashley Holland
We started to pull into the drive through (which was empty) and we were trying to decide if this was what we actually wanted to eat, and the lady standing in the drive through was rudely trying to “direct” us to come to her..fine whatever, I brush that off. Then I can’t even see the menu bc we’re so far away from it (haven’t been there in years, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted) this girl acted like we had to order with her so I had to just get something random. I told her “I’ll take a chicken sandwich”, she asked “which one?” I told her I didn’t know there was different ones VERY QUICKLY, I asked her to repeat bc I didn’t catch everything she said and she got a serious attitude and was quite rude! Then we get our food and it was disgusting. Dry and cold. VERY POOR SERVICE!
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