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Your Pekin, IL Casey’s at 2106 Court St has the best pizza delivery and pickup featuring made-from-scratch dough, real mozzarella cheese, and only the freshest pizza toppings. We’ve also got appetizers, sweet treats, drinks, and a variety of household essentials and groceries. When you’re stopping by, you can even fill up your gas tank with quality fuels – Whatever you need, Casey’s is here to help.

Convenience-store chain offering fuel, drinks & food, including pizza, sandwiches & baked goods.

✔️ Curbside pickup ✔️ No-contact delivery ✔️ No dine-in Casey's 61554


Sunday4 AM–11 PM
(Labor Day)
4 AM–11 PM
Hours might differ
Tuesday4 AM–11 PM
Wednesday4 AM–11 PM
Thursday4 AM–11 PM
Friday4 AM–11 PM
Saturday4 AM–11 PM

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Address: 2106 Court St, Pekin, IL 61554

Phone: (309) 346-1760


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Your Pekin, IL Casey’s at 2106 Court St has the best pizza delivery and pickup featuring made-from-scratch dough, real mozzarella cheese, …

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I ordered online for delivery. It was supposed to take about 20 minutes. However it ended up arriving approximately 2 hours later-the cheesy breadsticks were so burnt they were inedible and one of the pizzas had hot taco sauce instead of pizza sauce. I understand being busy but don’t draw me to your place saying its a short delivery time then do something like this. I probably won’t order from this Casey’s again.
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Maeve Richardson
Extremely poor service, they’re extremely immature and will literally hang up on you in the middle of the conversation. Cashier was extremely snappy, so i snapped back of course, and now i’m banned permanently. The manager was extremely mean and hung up on me in the middle of speaking.
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Doug Yarger
Would have gave it a zero but couldn’t. Went here hoping to get some breakfast pizza at 9 am and all they had was burnt pepperoni pizza that looked like it was out all night. Then when I ask she says maybe later, it’s 9am! So I get a breakfast sandwich which turns out to be horrible, tasted old as hell and sure enough the date on the bottom was from 9/3, it’s 10/24. So obviously they could care less bout the fresh food here. It’s a shame cause I loved the Casey’s where I use to live, they were excellent. Guess just not here.
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Polio Jones
The breakfast pizza was good as always. My kids love it. Though when we called it in we were told it would be done in ten minutes. I get being behind on that estimation about 5 or so mins but after showing up in 10 minutes I was waiting about 25 more minutes for my pizza to be ready. Not a huge deal but the guy behind the counter acted like I was dumb for bringing this up. Talking about the promised time was for 9:52am (almost 40 mins from when we ordered) while holding the receipt up like I knew, cared, or was even told this time.
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Avery Rigdon
A friend of mine stopped in this evening to get dinner after working all night, just to have your cashier make an ignorant and obviously uneducated remark about EBT. Shaming the most vulnerable and needy for using EBT is not only cruel, but unprofessional. Your cashiers need some training before they make classist remarks to your customers. Especially taking into account that corporations receive far more welfare from our government than our citizens in need.
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Katie Jolivert
I would usually rate Caseys a 5 star because i always have a good experience when i order a pizza and cheese bread sticks. I ordered 2 days ago a large flat bread chicken bacon and ranch with a side of cheesy bread sticks my norm for a Wednesday evening for my family. It was burnt the flat bread pizza and the bread sticks i was shocked that they even served us that. I don’t ever check before i leave the Caseys because i never had a bad experience now i guess i have to check every time before i leave Casey’s and thats sad.
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KenDoll 331
I go in there about 3-4 times a week on 3rd shift because and the service is usually decent. But tonight really ticked me off. The young man working the register(about 3:55am at this time) was complaining to a customer I’m presuming he knew. He said, “I dealt with a prick cop tonight” “oh yeah. He was mad the coffee wasn’t made.” Which fine, I’m sure the cop was upset, but then went on to talk about “that cop better be careful, my taxes pay his pension and I make his coffee, he gets a pay cut when someone dies.” I’m very good friends with many of the Pekin police and a few of the desk workers and I know they can be a little off putting at times but that was so unprofessional and not to mention the entire time he was ringing me up he continued to talk to the female customer I’m assuming he knew. Only time he actually acknowledged my presence was to tell me my total and change. I don’t care if you’re upset about the officer, keep your personal life out of your work life. It’s just mind blowing that he was opening cussing, complaining, and ignoring a costumer. I usually don’t complain, but tonight was just… It took a lot for me not to say something about it. Oh, but the pizza was fantastic and the kitchen worker(guy with long hair) was extremely nice and helpful. Other than that one cashier, the place is decent.
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April Singleton
Just pulled in to get gas on October 26th 2022 a Wednesday night at 1045 pm and the doors are locked already saying they’re closed but they’re not supposed to be yet! Very very not happy with this store
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Harold Short
Stopped for a donut. Parking near store was all taken by what appeared to be loiterers. Donut rang up to $1.02 and the clerk wanted me to round up for some starving children somewhere. Senior citizen sitting on stool right outside the front door wanted me to buy some tootsie rolls for some other charity. Then a meth mouth tweeker tried to hit me up for money to buy gas for his imaginary gas can or car. Whew! That’s an expensive donut. Good to see Casey’s is full embracing their inner beggar.
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Luciano Arriaga
I need to express my gratitude to this Casey’s in particular. I was just helped out by a kind woman named Juli. I am from an hour and a half away and had trouble cashing a check out of town. She gave me her last few dollars that she had to add to what I had scraped together in change for gas. With her generosity I was able to purchase the amount that I needed to make it to my bank. Thank you, Juli you’re awesome!!!
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