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Since 1977, Bojangles has been serving boldly seasoned chicken, scratch-made biscuits, Legendary Iced Tea® and all the classic Southern fixin’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All your favorites are only a tap away with the Bojangles app, whether you’re craving chicken tenders, a chicken biscuit or a family meal with a whole lot of everything for everyone.

Southern-inspired fast-food chain known for fried chicken & biscuit, plus signature sides.

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Drive-through ✔️ No-contact delivery Bojangles 28304


Wednesday5 AM–10 PM
Thursday5 AM–10 PM
Friday5 AM–10 PM
Saturday5 AM–10 PM
Sunday6 AM–10 PM
Monday5 AM–10 PM
Tuesday5 AM–10 PM

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Address: 7661 S Raeford Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28304

Phone: (910) 864-6319


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Tyre TradeWinds
Delicious had a chicken biscuit and drink. Drink was average but these made up for it
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Mark Lewis
PLEASE….check your food going through the drive thru. They don’t care about your order. Ordered a 4pc chicken with 8pc supreme box and asked for all chicken breast for extra $ which I didn’t mind paying. Also ordered a picnic seasoned fries as an extra side. Got home and didn’t get one single chicken breast in my box. The supremes were chicken nuggets fried in dirty oil. We didn’t even get our fries that we paid for! Half of the mash potatoes was still powder. I should have checked before I left but I feel if it’s right on the receipt what I’m supposed to get then they would care a little! Horrible service and food. They DO NOT care…
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Eric Burgess
Didn’t have my order ready even though I ordered before “cut off time “ according to the manager of the night crew. Anyway won’t be going back to this one seems that they pick and choose who they will make orders for hopefully something changes like their chicken but the service at this one is poor at best.
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Chloe Bass
I work here, mostly in drive thru, and every day is a different story. Some days are awesome and customers are sweet. Other days are a bit harder but I still try to be hospitable and respectful to customers, even if they’re rude to me. Managment is okay, abides by policies and are usually pretty lenient with us employees. I like working here for the most part!
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Christopher Browne
You spend $8.50 on a five piece tender then they went to up charge you $.39 for one extra sauce that’s enough that’s enough to not make me not want to come back. They don’t appreciate the customers.
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Cynthia Amos
Old chicken, rice was old and everything thrown in the box like they had no care in the world. Asked for rice to be replaced with mashed potatoes and it had lukewarm watery gravy. Took that back and asked for fresh fries and it was just refried. Guess that’s what I get for stopping there instead of going to my first thought.
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lol lol
Ordered from the Bojangles app and wanted the. 5 piece supreme tenders combo, gave me 3 tenders no sauce AND no straw. I would like some sort of compensation. I have the receipt as well. If I hear back I will be updating my review, otherwise do NOT order off the app from this place, I would like to add they did infact charge me for the tenders I did not receive.
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Aaliyah Justice
Very disrespectful and weird acting girl at the drive thru window tonight. I came thru June 4th @ 8:30pm and the girl was so rude and her customer service is ridiculous with her crooked “prosperity” tattoo. Girl come on. Customer service is trash.. how we order a tailgate and don’t give us a tea? then we back up to get it and you act like you don’t see us in the window and your coworker helped us. Management clearly isn’t aware of how they answer the headset. We ordered and after we said one thing she told us our total and that was it. I’m just amazed.. can’t even believe it. Like please fix this.
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Celeste R
I wish I had read the reviews on curbside before ordering! The appt and online says drive thru pick up available. It’s not I ran out to go thru drive thru in my pjs and was told I had to come inside they refused to give me my order unless I came in. Then I get the order it’s cold and wrong and no sauces I specifically ordered! $50 wasted! I will be calling the store manager in the morning for a refund!
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Service was horrible this morning. I went inside waited for 10 minutes and still couldn’t get service. They were only taking care of the drive-through. I sat there through seven or eight orders. Then I finally walked out.
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